What Are The Pros And Cons of CBD Oil for Anxiety And Depression?

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In recent years, CBD has become one of the most talked-about remedies for treating various physical and psychological conditions. There is an ongoing global shift in the perception of CBD as a consumer commodity.

Though the clinical research on CBD oil as a treatment for anxiety and depression is continuing, there is accumulating evidence pointing to its therapeutic potential.

Anxiety and depression are often like flip sides of the same coin. In many cases, anxiety disorders may trigger depression.

For people living with it, unwelcome symptoms like mood swings, restlessness, and racing thoughts may make every day feel like a continual test. CBD oil may work wonders in calming this series of recurrent thoughts.

All About CBD Oil

Cannabis Sativa is amongst the oldest plants, well-known for its recreational and medicinal purposes. It consists of numerous phytocannabinoids, cannabidiol being one of the most prominent ones.

Since the market is brimming with CBD products, the natural substance is available in multiple forms, be it capsules, tinctures, or delicious edibles. Moreover, you can find the best CBD oil at CBDfx at an affordable rate.

CBD Oil for Anxiety and Depression

The two popular treatments recommended for anxiety and depression are psychotherapy and medication. Though they are effective, they tend to have several drawbacks, which you must take into consideration.

Psychological treatments, such as exposure therapy, usually have short-lived effects because they result in symptom relapses. Further, quick-acting anxiety-relieving medications and antidepressants typically provide immediate relief but may develop dependence.

The use of CBD oil as a natural supplement for relief from mental health disorders is very well-known.

CBD works with the endocannabinoid system receptors to regulate your emotional response. It is a cell signaling system responsible for various physiological functions.

The conducted clinical trials on human participants revealed changes in the blood flow to the regions of the brain linked with anxiety and depression.

Pros of CBD Oil

1. CBD is Non-Psychoactive

CBD is entirely non-psychoactive, unlike THC, which is another prominent compound in the Cannabis Sativa plant.

It does not produce a ‘high’ or an altered state with heightened sensory perception, which is often associated with marijuana. This implies that you would not feel disoriented, dizzy, euphoric, after its consumption.

Hence, you can experience its health benefits without feeling intoxicated. Moreover, you won’t develop any dependency or addiction to CBD oil. This makes it ideal for mental health issues, such as anxiety and depression, if taken in appropriate amounts.

2. Easy to Use

If you find it challenging to swallow capsules and follow a strict regimen, CBD oil for anxiety and depression would be a much convenient way to consume CBD. It is tasteless and odorless.

Furthermore, here are three ways you can consume CBD oil:

  • You can put a few drops of it in your food or mix it with water to make CBD more palatable.
  • The topical application is another way of using CBD oil to promote relaxation and ease your anxiety. It results in immediate effects though they may not last for long.
  • You can consume CBD oil sublingually, i.e., by putting a few drops of it under your mouth. The ideal way to administer this is with the help of a dropper. This way, it is easy to control your intake, and the effects last for long

CBD oil - Effective way of Consuming CBD

3. Backed by Research

Numerous reliable studies hint at CBD oil’s potential to treat mental health issues. CBD exhibits antidepressant and anxiolytic properties.

It can handle various types of anxiety disorders, be it an obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), panic disorder, or generalized anxiety disorder.

Premium quality sativa strains don’t only make you feel better but also alters the way your brain responds to anxiety.

4. Can Help Reduce Inflammation

Stress, anxiety, and depression have strong ties to an increase in the levels of inflammatory markers. Experimentally induced stress has shown to produce an inflammatory reaction.

CBD exhibits anti-inflammatory properties that can reduce the discomfort substantially. Hence, this is especially useful for patients suffering from conditions like arthritis, acne, allergies, and much more.

Cons of CBD Oil

1. CBD May Cause Drowsiness

Cannabidiol, when used in high doses, can cause sedation, drowsiness, or lethargy. Hence, it is useful for people who have insomnia.

However, if you need to stay awake, be extra cautious of the amount of CBD oil you intake, especially if you are a beginner. Start from low doses and gradually increase it until you find the right dosage for you.

2. Works Differently for Every Individual

The research on CBD oil is still ongoing, and researchers are yet to understand some of its complex mechanisms.

One thing that they have noted is that the dosage requirements differ from person to person. This implies that what works for one might not work for the other, depending on the biochemical reactions taking place in the body.

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Hence, there are no generalizations, as each user needs time to figure out how their respective bodies react through the trial and error method.

Final Thoughts

Anxiety and depression are very adverse conditions that need immediate treatment. If anxiety is troubling you from living your best life, incorporating organic and reliable options, such as CBD in your wellness routine, would be an ideal option.

This way, you can reap its benefits and improve your quality of life substantially.

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