How to Be Safe When Partaking on Vacation with Cannabis

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Ever thought of carrying your cannabis onboard or going on a road trip with some edibles when on vacation? Today, medical marijuana is legal in most states in the US, and recreational cannabis is only legal in a few states.

Despite the legalization of cannabis in many states, traveling with it is still tough. If you are not careful, you can face an array of legal consequences.

Traveling in a state where cannabis is legal does not give you all the freedom to carry and use it anywhere. Don’t make your vacation a nightmare by not knowing the ins and outs that comes with traveling with cannabis.

Here are some tips on how to be safe when partaking on vacation.

1. Follow Federal Laws

Cannabis remains to be illegal under the US federal law. Sadly, airports fall under the control of the federal law, and this makes traveling with cannabis a challenge.

Even if you are traveling between two states that have legalized marijuana, flying with cannabis can get you into serious legal penalties. You may be fined, jailed, and even prosecuted. By following the federal laws, it’s unlikely to land in trouble.

Cost of Cannabis in USA vs Canada

Countries that have allowed recreational and medical cannabis use like Canada allow you to travel with your marijuana within the country. But under conditions:

  • You have to be of legal age, above 18 years
  • Only 30grams of cannabis is allowed. Exceeding this amount is illegal
  • Carrying cannabis oil must follow the liquid restrictions of 100ml or less
  • Carrying medical cannabis more than the recreational legal limit will require you to show medical documents.
  • Though cannabis is legal in Canada, it is still illegal to exit or enter the country with it. You can only use it and travel with it within the country.

Understanding and adhering to such laws can protect you from answering to law enforcement and help you enjoy your vacation peacefully.

2. Know State Laws

Knowing state laws can help you stay safe in your vacation destination. In some states, CBD is legal as long as its THC strain levels are below 0.3%. In other places, CBD oil is considered illegal.

Researching state laws before you visit a destination can help you get prepared accordingly to avoid any legal jurisdiction.

Even with states that have legalized recreational use of cannabis, you will find that some have more restrictive regulations than others. Research each state in your travel route. It will help you understand whether you can carry, use, or buy cannabis.

3. Know TSA Policies

If you want to travel with your marijuana in a plane, you should know and think of the policies put in place by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) who term cannabis as illegal.

Travelling with Cannabis - TSA
During a security screening, TSA security officers will not be searching for your cannabis; they will be searching for explosives and weapons. However, if they stumble upon cannabis during their search, they can forward you to the local law enforcement.

Consequences depend on how much cannabis you were carrying and in which state and airport you are in. In a state where cannabis is legal, the local law enforcement may ask you to dispose of your pot. In a state where cannabis is illegal, you may be prosecuted.

Recently, TSA approved hemp-derived CBD products and can now be carried on planes under certain conditions.

Knowing the policies put in place will help you play your cards right.

The worst can happen if your flight diverts and it has to land to the US. If you are carrying cannabis, you will be subjected to applicable law regarding cannabis possession where you can be denied entry.

4. Know the Rules of Driving Around

During your vacation, you may decide to take a road trip across states with cannabis in your car. You still fall under the jurisdiction of the federal law even if you are driving between two states that have legalized the recreational use of cannabis.

vacation with cannabis

Depending on where you are traveling, some states allow you to travel with the legal amount of cannabis. Passing the border of a state that has not legalized marijuana while carrying it can get you arrested.

Avoid having open containers of cannabis in your car while driving as it can get you arrested. Know the state driving rules to avoid getting in trouble.

5. Check for States with Medical Marijuana

If you will be buying cannabis when traveling for medical purposes, you should check out laws for the state you are visiting. This will help you know what is legal medically. It will also help you in finding a dispensary to purchase medical cannabis.

Bottom Line

The legal gaps between federal and state laws continue to create confusion for travelers who use cannabis.

With so many states legalizing and decriminalizing the possession of cannabis, there is hope that in future travelers will carry their cannabis from one destination to the other with no legal strains.

In the meantime, these tips can help you stay safe when partaking on vacation.

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