People are Switching Prescribed Drugs for Medical Marijuana

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There has been a huge shift in how people choose to deal with life challenges, both physically and mentally where before they would pop a pill. The biggest trend is people revisiting ancient and holistic practices, such as aromatherapy and other natural therapies. So, it is no surprise that there are a large amount of people switching prescribed drugs for medical cannabis.

Although prescription medicine is suggested to speed up recovery, there are still undeniable side effects. Patients taking strong prescribed medications often suffer from severe side effects like addiction and withdrawal.

A new study aiming towards the medical benefits of cannabis has released findings stating that,

In States where cannabis is legal, there has been a  decrease in the usage of prescription medication. It also indicates that cannabis has been consistent in providing relief to different major ailments normally treated with prescribed drugs.

This is a huge leap, especially in the United States, where a huge part of the population is addicted to prescription medication and over the counter drugs.

People are switching to use medical cannabis instead of their former drug to treat symptoms like,

And many other chronic diseases.  We covered this topic in Marijuana is Helping Cure Chronic Diseases and there is a lot of significant research backing the use of this plant in these areas.

Why Medical Marijuana is a Better Option

People are Switching Prescribed Drugs for Medical Marijuana

Not only is it natural, effective and environmentally safe to use Cannabis, it is also cost effective for patients and the government.

It is apparently saving medical marijuana States a lot of American tax dollars and may lead the way to encourage others to take the same path. So how is it helping people to save money?

Saving Patients’ Money

Switching prescribed drugs for Medical Marijuana can be a cost efficient choice for some patients.

Firstly, in some states or countries, you can grow your own medical cannabis if you are a patient. There are some procedures and restrictions of course, but if you don’t mind doing the growing you may be able to benefit long term financially.

Some sources have also worked out that medical marijuana can potentially also be cheaper than prescribed drugs. The idea is that a number of grams a plant produces and the cost per gram can be significantly cheaper in consumption than prescription medication. However, the savings will come down to the individual, their needs, and use.

Overall, most patients admitted to choosing medical cannabis because it is a more natural form of treatment and relief and that alone outweighs costs.

Saving Taxpayers’ Money

There are a lot of research being conducted into how the medical cannabis industry can impact the economy. Amazingly enough, they are concluding that the taxpayers and government can win from the legalization, not only patients.

Here are some key points raised across the studies we found based in America:

  • A study headed by the University of Georgia in the Journal Health Affair shows that on 2013, these Medical Cannabis States saved an estimated total amount of $165.2 million in Medicare program and enrollee spending on that same year.
  • A follow-up study then showed a probability that if all states would have had legalized medical cannabis during the year 2013, an overall total of up to 468 million could have been saved by the Medicare program.
  • Ailments such as seizures, psychosis, pain, nausea, glaucoma, depression, anxiety, sleep disorders and spasticity, all saw a decrease in the number of Medicare enrollees from 2010 to 2013.

Medical Cannabis as a Radical Alternative to Prescribed Drugs

People are Switching Prescribed Drugs for Medical Marijuana

Medical Cannabis as an alternative to prescribed drugs could be a great option in the future for those suffering from continuous symptoms.

Medical Cannabis isn’t just beneficial for saving money but it can also help fight those who are addicted to prescription painkillers.

In 2014, opioids, including opioid pain relievers and heroin have been responsible for killing over 28,000 people in the U.S, alone!  Half of these caused by prescription opioid. The most common prescription drugs that have contributed to the overall deaths were methadone, oxycodone, and hydrocodone.

Medical cannabis is a natural cure, it is not processed and tampered.

Right now, 25 American states (and counting) and countries like Canada and Australia support the use of Medicinal Marijuana. Cannabis advocates can only hope that the truth about this plant, that was long prohibited, will spread all over the world in the next coming years to see it available to more patients as a legal alternative to prescribed drugs. 

Would you opt for Medical Cannabis as an alternative to prescription drugs?

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