3 Best Popular Hand Pipes in October

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The flowers and shatter users have various tools to make the best use of what they need. When you are at home, it’s okay to pick up that bong or water pipe. If you are traveling or just outdoors, you need something that will still give you the thrill but be easy to carry.

Waxmaid has solved the problem by producing hand pipes that contain more than one use. Whether indoors or outdoors, the dry pipe you choose fits into the pocket and serves the purpose anytime you need to take a hit.

Let’s see the three best popular hand pipes that will redefine your intake during October.

Popular Waxmaid Hand Pipes to Smoothen October

Waxmaid Gentleman 2 in 1 Hand Pipe & Nectar Collector

The first is the pipe for the gentleman who likes to hang out in a park after a walk. It will also serve the purpose indoors, but the 5.63-inch length is easy to handle regardless of your location.

The Gentleman 2 in 1 Features

It’s a small silicone hand pipe from Waxmaid that has more than one function. When fully assembled, you get a hand pipe with smooth edges on the bowl part, and it is somehow lengthy to imitate the traditional types.

That’s okay for the use, but what else is there? You get the gentleman 2-in-1, a titanium nail, an octopus silicone jar, and a 22ml wax container in the packager. It’s good to note that the material is platinum-cured silicone that the FDA approves as food safe.

Waxmaid Gentleman 2 in 1 Hand Pipes

So, long-term usage has already received a thumbs up. Where you put the wax meets a glass bowl. That will handle the intense heat needed by the content. While holding the pipe upright, there is a small loop at the bottom to attach the titanium nail.


Waxmaid delivers the hand pipe as a fully assembled unit with the titanium nail attached. If you are wondering what the titanium nail is for, well, the hand pipe is detachable. The bowl part can separate from the stem, where the latter connects with the tip.

That is how you get the nectar collector. The concentrates or flowers can be in the 22ml wax container or the octopus model. You can use the nail to hit the concentrates from either. The latter is, however, much better due to the shallowness.

If you would like to use the hand pipe itself, just attach the stem to the bowl part, load your concentrates/flowers at the top and proceed to torch it.

Waxmaid Daimon 2-in-1 Pipe & Nectar Collector Kit

If you love the diamond shape, this one will be your next dry pipe, and it comes in a variety of colors. Waxmaid makes the Daimon a 2 in 1, which means it’s another one with room for a titanium nail.

The kit has a lot, as we shall see, and everything here comes in handy.

Waxmaid Daimon 2-in-1 Features

Purchasing the Daimon will get you a silicone hand pipe, two nails (titanium and quartz), and a glass bowl for dabbing. The head or bowl part is detachable from the stem, and the latter is what you need to make the nectar collector.

The primary material is all platinum-cured silicone which is fit for use as per the FDA approval. So, you have no worries about using either of the nails. You get both titanium and quartz, where the latter is best if you want faster heating.

Waxmaid Daimon 2-in-1 Pipe & Nectar Collector Kit

Quartz is also known to retain heat. That means you get more quality hits with it. For the titanium nail, there is an added advantage of having a metallic filter screen.

Regardless of the nail in use, there is a glass dab bowl to hold the concentrates. On the head section, there is a glass bowl with nine dense holes. That makes it work better as you inhale, as we will see.

When you combine all the above with a diamond-shaped silicone, you get a simple dry pipe with an appealing taste to match the modern world.


Since it’s a 2-in-1 hand pipe, that means you have a dry pipe and a nectar collector. Using it as a pipe is easy and since it comes assembled. The glass bowl inside has close and dense holes to provide a filtered effect on the smoke.

The experience is much better when you have the flowers. Both nails can fit into the stem space provided. Detaching and reattaching are easy, and the prior is necessary for better cleaning.

If you are using the titanium nail, there is a filter screen inside. Its main work is to prevent accidental inhalation of the concentrates as you take the hits. Since it’s silicone-made, you can use the dishwasher, soap, and water, boiling or freezing to de-gunk when it’s time to clean.

Waxmaid Shark Hand Pipe

The last of the three go to the shark hand pipe that resembles the big fish in the oceans. Waxmaid was inspired by water life when they came up with the shark model, and it’s simple enough to carry and use anywhere. The only thing you will not see here is the 2-in-1 feature.

Waxmaid Shark Hand Pipe Features

The material is platinum-cured silicone, and it has passed the FDA food-safe tests. The shark shape starts with the head that hosts an 18mm glass bowl. There are holes in it, and fitting is easy and perfect.

There is a carb hole at the forefront whose small tunnel leads to the bottom of the glass bowl. The shape here is all shark, and there is a lanyard attached to it. The mouthpiece is on the tail end, and it’s wide to accommodate the lips but still narrower than the front.

Waxmaid Shark Hand Pipe

At 4.3 inches, this is another dry pipe that allows you to walk around without people wondering what you are carrying.


The silicone hand pipe is not detachable, and that’s why you don’t get a nectar collector option here. It’s, however, simple to use as a unit, and it starts with attaching the glass bowl in position. The holes on it assist in filtering as you inhale, and that’s
how you achieve smoother hits regardless of the dry smoke.

The carb hole at the front helps in better air inhalation during use. That means incoming air has more inlets apart from the top position. It’s fit to use whether you are using flowers or concentrates.

There is a lanyard in the midst, and that’s excellent for carrying and preventing it from being stolen when that hike becomes intense.

Cleaning is easy since it’s all silicone. After removing the glass bowl, the remaining material is dishwasher safe.
If you prefer boiling or freezing, that is also okay.


As we welcome the month of October, you may have a feeling of wanting to relax after a long day or hike. That should have either of three hand pipes as the countermeasure.

Waxmaid delivers within 2-3 business days within the US, and that’s why it’s possible to order and get it as soon as possible.

Hand pipes come in handy when you need to take hits without the more extensive tools. There are more functions when you have a Waxmaid silicone hand pipe, and it’s possible to carry it anywhere, thanks to the smallness, simplicity, and featherweight.

Now, it’s time to get a dry pipe that will make your October moments easy.

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