5 Reasons Everyone Should Try Dabbing (At Least Once)

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No, we aren’t talking about the most recent dance move made popular by the Migos and the Carolina Panther’s Cam Newton.

Dabs are actually doses of cannabis with a very high concentration of THC. So much so that some dabs can contain upwards of 80% THC per dose. To put things into perspective, remember that CBD only contains .03% THC.

But is an unbelievable high the only reason to try dabbing? Not necessarily. Read on to discover 5 reasons why everyone should try dabbing at least once and what to expect.

How It’s Done

Before we get into why exactly you should try dabbing, it’s important to understand the process.

For those unfamiliar with dabbing or who don’t consume marijuana or CBD on a regular basis, dabbing can seem quite intimidating.

Cannabis Extraction

Dabs (also known as shatter, wax, budder, and butane hash oil), must be heated to extract the high-concentrated THC. This is most often done using a blowtorch and a hot surface, usually a nail. The potent fumes are then inhaled using an oil rig (similar to a glass pipe).

While the high is likely unmatched, so is the danger. Not to scare you, but dabbing is probably one of the most dangerous ways to consume THC. But when done correctly and safely, it can provide one of the purest and most intense highs of your life.

So much so, that novice weed smokers often describe the high from dabbing as overwhelming or indescribable. But that shouldn’t deter you. And here’s why!

1. More Potency in a Smaller Dose

When it comes to being cost-effective, dabbing is where it’s at. That’s because a small dose of dab, wax, or shatter, goes a long way. While dabs are priced higher, you’ll get a stronger high and therefore use less.

But even if you don’t save money dabbing vs smoking traditional marijuana or using CBD oil, the pure high you experience will be well worth the cost. And this is especially true for seasoned THC users who are looking to “up” their game and experience a high like no other. The potency and purity of the THC found in dabs is truly unmatched.

Another bonus is that the more pure the THC, the less likely you are to experience unwanted side effects including dizziness, paranoia, red eyes, and dry mouth. It’s still important to stay hydrated before dabbing.

The minimal amount of smoke you do inhale during the process might burn or irritate your throat. If you’re ready to experience this high, you can buy shatter online. Start off small and gradually work your way up.

Quartz banger - try dabbing

You may even want to watch a friend heat the wax first before trying it yourself. And be sure to do so in a calm, safe environment free from distractions and stress.

2. The Taste

While there are countless flavors, strains, and varieties of cannabis available, some users prefer the pure, natural, and organic smell and taste of the cannabis itself. If this describes you, then you’ll love dabbing.

Concentrated levels of THC also come with concentrated levels of terpenes, which are the compounds that give marijuana its telltale taste and smell.

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For those looking to experience the full bodied aroma and taste of cannabis, dabbing will deliver just that. In order to achieve this flavor, users must heat the wax to the perfect temperature. But what is the perfect temperature?

Different users will give you different answers. There are benefits to heating your dabs to lower and higher temperatures. If you’re looking to experience the full flavor, heat your dabs at a lower temperature. This preserves the flavor and allows you to take deeper, smoother hits, but also offers milder effects. Heating dabs at a higher temperature will intensify the effects but offers less flavor and may be harsher on your throat and lungs.

3. Creates Less Smoke

Dabbing is very different from lighting up a joint, blunt, or even smoking from a bowl or bong and some consider it the healthier alternative.

When you vaporize the concentrated THC, you’re not ingesting any of the plant matter associated with cannabis buds and leaves. Dabs contain mostly cannabinoids and terpenes, and nothing else.

Quartz banger - wax

The smoke that dabbing creates is less dense and much milder on both your surroundings and your lungs and throat. This makes dabbing slightly more discrete and less bothersome to those around you.

4. Unmatched High

You get what you pay for and most times, it’s recommended you invest in quality over quantity.

And what it comes to cannabis, there’s no better quality than dabs, which is why the high you experience is like no other. But just because your high is more intense, doesn’t mean you’ll feel loopy or disorientated. In fact, most people claim that dabbing provides more clarity than using traditional marijuana or CBD.

Users feel less foggy and more insightful. And this clarity is thanks to vaporizing concentrated cannabinoids instead of combusting buds that contain plant materials. You’re getting the THC and cannabinoids straight from the source, eliminating the fuzzy high that most people experience smoking traditional marijuana.

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5. Less Clean-Up

Believe it or not, dabbing is less messy than smoking. How many times have you tried to gather dried buds and leaves for rolling a joint or filling your bong, only to make a mess?

Not only does this waste your stash but it takes away from your euphoria. Even though dabbing requires a blowtorch, rig, and nail, it’s actually quite easy to perform and doesn’t create the same kind of mess that loose marijuana leaves do.

Transporting dabs is also much more convenient and discreet. That’s because their aroma is much less intense than traditional marijuana. But always be sure to check local laws and jurisdiction before using or transporting all forms of cannabis.

Perhaps you’ve heard of dabbing but never really knew what it was. Or you’re a seasoned cannabis user who’s curious about this unbelievable high everyone is talking about. Dabbing offers many benefits and is a powerful alternative to regular cannabis consumption. Just be prepared for the high you’ll experience and smoke in a safe environment.

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