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Cannabidiol based products are fast becoming one of the best ways to manage, treat and eradicate the adverse effects of diseases, ailments and injuries. Although there are multiple products available on the market, CBD balms are one of the most popular applications.

Most users apply CBD balm for pain caused by various conditions or injuries that leave them debilitated. They often find that obtaining the balm from a recognised online pharmacy is a convenient option that accommodates their personal needs.

Other benefits of purchasing the product online include:

  • Affordable prices
  • Doorstep delivery
  • Reliable stock availability
  • Privacy and encrypted payment processes
  • Reduced shopping time and 24 hours access to treatments and information

Here is a great example of a CBD balm to check out:

The Basics of CBD Balms

When we hear the word balm, the image of a quaint little jar containing a thick substance comes to mind. Balms are similar to lotions in that they are topically applied; however, the product’s consistency differs from that of lotion.

One of the most popular balms on the market today is cannabidiol infused balm. Scientifically these balms are concentrated, waterless moisturisers combined with small amounts of cannabidiol compounds and other natural derivatives such as beeswax and coconut oil.

Cannabidiol-infused balms do not contain euphoric properties, meaning they do not cause users to become psychologically impaired. Like other cannabidiol products, balms come in 3 variations: full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, and isolates, each containing varying amounts of cannabidiol.

Each balm provides the same outcome, but durational effects may differ from one balm variation to another. The type of balm best suited for you solely depends on the reason you are using it and the overall health goal you want to achieve.

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CBD Balm Benefits

Lotions, creams, ointments and balms are commonly overlooked on pharmacy shelves as most people believe that they are not as effective as ingestible or edible products. However, the increasing popularity of cannabis proved that assumption to be inaccurate as the invention of CBD balms took the market by storm.

Topical cannabis use dates back to ancient times when Egyptians made healing creams with a mixture of cannabis and fat. History dictates that the Greeks were also active cannabis users as they applied the cannabis mixture to horse wounds/ulcers and human nosebleeds.

In the 14th-18th century, herbalists praised the effectiveness of topical cannabis treatments. Thomas Short, a British herbalist, even recommended that people use cannabis preparation over medicinal options to treat everything from burns, cuts, and insect bites.

Today cannabidiol balms are identified as smooth, soft emollients with potent antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, painkilling, antiseptic and hydration properties that are useful in treating various conditions. The balm accelerates the healing, shortening the recovery periods of injuries, severe wounds, rashes, bones and more.

The balm also strengthens the natural defence system of the skin and contributes to its ability to regenerate. This facilitates the elimination of skin ailments and helps patients better manage and control symptoms linked to skin disorders.

Below is a detailed look at the benefits linked to CBD balm use:

CBD Balms for Pain

According to a trusted source, cannabidiols can successfully treat various types of pain by reducing inflammation. Unlike other cannabidiol products, balms bind to CB2 receptors in the skin rather than being absorbed into the bloodstream.


This is an autoimmune disease categorised by abnormal skin patches/rashes that are incredibly uncomfortable and itchy. Topical cannabidiol balms can ease psoriasis by reducing inflammation and slowing down abnormal skin cell growth.

Dry Skin, Eczema, Wrinkles

CBD balms can naturally and effectively nourish and moisturise dry skin caused by various ailments due to the balance of essential fatty acids omega 3 and 6 it contains. Cannabidiols also help users achieve and maintain ideal skin oil production levels, which reduce the appearance of wrinkles.


Studies show that cannabidiol compounds can regulate excess sebum production and inflammation commonly associated with acne.

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Does Topical Application Actually Work?

Once the balm is applied to the affected area, it works in multiple ways to achieve its purpose. The beginning of the process involves physical warming actions associated with massaging the balm into the skin.

This action stimulates nerve endings, helping the skin absorb cannabidiol compounds. This process increases the effects of the balm and maximises its benefits. Once the active ingredient penetrates through the skin’s transdermal layer, pain and inflammation signals are diluted and reduced.

Although balms are topically applied, the compounds present in them still interact with the endocannabinoid system. This is because the skin nerve fibres/cells, hair follicles, and sweat/oil glands contain thousands of endocannabinoid receptors. The wide distribution of these receptors allows CBD balms to have a more localised effect.

This is what makes the use of CBD balm in pain treatment so effective. Topical application is just as effective and practical as other consumption methods. It does not use the digestion and metabolic process, which means the balm’s effects can be felt almost instantly after application.

In addition to practicality and immediate pain relief, most experts recommend topical cannabidiol balms because they are free of side effects, completely non-invasive and can be self-administered without supervision, assistance or advice from a medical professional.

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How to Correctly Apply CBD Balms

Besides skin revitalisation and pain relief, cannabidiol balms can also be used as a nasal decongestant and relaxation aid as some variations of the balm have fragrances incorporated into them. This form of aromatherapy is quite helpful in treating anxiety and other disorders.

Thus most consumers use the balm to alleviate stress or allergies. As with any medical or homoeopathic solution, balms need to be used correctly to produce the desired effects.

Application guideline:

– Rubbing Method: The rubbing method involves using your fingertips to rub over the balm without breaking the surface. A fair amount of the balm will then stick to your fingertips which must be applied/rubbed directly to the affected area, such as the body or forehead.

– Digging Method: This method is usually used to apply the balm to larger parts of the body. Start by digging a pea-sized amount of the balm out of the container using your fingernail or a cosmetic paddle. The balm must be warmed between your palms until it is malleable or soft enough to apply to the affected area.

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