Cannabis Statistics That Will Make You Think

Businessman working on company growth

The cannabis industry is one of the fastest-growing in the world, and it is not showing any signs of stopping. On the contrary, it seems that it will only get bigger. The fact that it was worth a staggering $15 billion in 2019 confirms that. Here are some fascinating numbers related to the cannabis industry […]

Starting a Cannabis Business? Here’s 4 Things You Should Know

Starting a Cannabis Business

Recreational marijuana is legal in eleven states, and 22 others have legalized it for medical use only. Rapidly changing laws and increasing public acceptance have made the cannabis industry a booming business over the past few years. However, cashing in on the green revolution isn’t as easy as it looks. If you’re ready to jump […]

5 Keys to Compliance in the Cannabis Industry

compliance in the cannabis industry

Since cannabis was first officially made legal for medical use in California back in 1996 regulators have struggled to keep pace with the burgeoning industry. These days 11 states have legalized recreational cannabis use and over 30 states have legalized medical cannabis use. In response, states have begun putting more effort into enforcing compliance laws […]

Here is How Cannapreneurs are Shifting from The Black Market to The Stock Market

Marijuana Stocks Worth

Marijuana no longer lurks in the shadow. Especially since it’s legalization and it is projected that in the coming year’s cannabis will have a glorious future. At least in the coming years, it will be an industry where several options of investment will open. So how does anyone or even the government stop an $11 […]

What You Need to Start Your Own Cannabis Shop

cannabis business startup - cannabis shop

Neither previously running a business nor considerable experience using marijuana will qualify you to start your own cannabis shop. The challenges of turning a profit in the legitimate cannabis industry catch many entrepreneurs by surprise and prevent their seemingly promising companies from ever getting out of the red. That reality should not necessarily dissuade anyone […]

6 Tips for Starting Your Own Cannabis Business

growing cannabis

Maybe you have been growing marijuana for a long time, and you would like to enter into the legal cannabis market. Or perhaps you are an entrepreneur who just wants to set up a cannabis business in this hot new niche. Of course, before you start a business; there are many factors which you should […]

4 Ways to Brand Your Cannabis Products for Increased Sales

Brand Your Cannabis Products

Cannabis is a substance that’s been on the up-and-up all over the globe throughout the last few years. The cannabis phenomenon isn’t a mysterious one, either. Many individuals associate the substance with a wealth of significant health advantages. If you manufacture cannabis products, then you should prioritize A+ branding techniques. Doing so can pave the […]

3 Things You Should Know Before Entering the Cannabis Industry

Entering the Cannabis Industry

If you’re looking to break into the cannabis industry, you’re not alone. Smart investors and entrepreneurs are taking notice of the upswing and increased demand in CBD and THC. Not to mention, more states are legalizing their use every day, which means a larger audience and broader customer base. But entering the cannabis industry is […]

Signs the Cannabis Industry is on the Rise

Cannabis Industry is on the Rise

According to a recent study, 62% of Americans are in favor of legalizing marijuana. CBD and THC use is becoming more widely accepted across the globe, which is why the industry is booming. CBD sellers are popping up in storefronts and flooding the internet. But what exactly caused this spike in CBD use and is […]

The Dos and Don’ts of Cannabis Loyalty Programs

Cannabis loyalty programs

Cannabis loyalty programs are instrumental in attracting and keeping your customers. These programs are strategies that allow dispensaries and retailers to not only reward their consumers but develop a lasting relationship with them. Cannabis loyalty programs also offer the following benefits: Encourage larger purchases Cannabis loyalty programs encourage larger purchases while allowing consumers to save […]