2020 New Zealand Cannabis Referendum: Everything You Need to Know

2020 New Zealand Cannabis Referendum

New Zealand will vote next year on whether it will become the newest country to allow the legal purchase, possession, and use of recreational cannabis. While we’ve known for some time that the cannabis referendum is coming, it wasn’t clear what the question would be. The government just released the question and the draft legislation […]

Cannabis Museum Lights Up Christchurch

Cannabis Museum Christchurch with founders

The Whakamana Cannabis Museum of Aotearoa is the first museum which highlights the history of cannabis use and culture in New Zealand. It was first opened in 2013 in the southerly town of Dunedin and recently relocated to the historic Shand’s Emporium in Christchurch. The museum is a national information centre for the science, history, […]

Introducing Medical Cannabis Awareness New Zealand (MCANZ)

Medical Cannabis Awareness New Zealand MCANZ

Shane Le Brun is the founder of MCANZ, Medical Cannabis Awareness New Zealand. A former soldier and corporal in the NZ Army with a role in munitions, Shane is now a leading advocate for medicinal cannabis, recently winning Norml NZ’s Award for Medicinal Cannabis. Medicinal Cannabis Advocates New Zealand: Shane Le Brun, Rose Renton, Sue […]

Helen Clark, Former New Zealand Prime Minister, Joins the Global Commission on Drug Policy

Helen Clark was Prime Minister of New Zealand from 1999-2008 and then took up a post as United Nations Development Programme Administrator. She now heads the Global Commission on Drug Policy along with former President of Switzerland, Ruth Dreifuss. They have been visiting New Zealand, together with the head of the Commission’s Geneva-based Secretariat, Khalid […]

Dunedin Cannabis Museum Sets a High Standard

Dunedin Cannabis Museum

Dunedin is the location of New Zealand’s first cannabis museum. The Whakamana Cannabis Museum was established in 2013 in a suburb of South Dunedin by museum director Abe Gray. “Since that time Whakamana has grown steadily in popularity, attracting visitors from across New Zealand and all over the world. We had to expand and the […]

Medicinal Cannabis Company’s Investment Project Crashes Crowdfunding Site

Auckland, New Zealand

A crowdfunding platform called PledgeMe was overwhelmed by the online traffic from investors as they swamped the site to show and pledge their support to a medical cannabis company. PledgeMe, like other crowdfunding websites, is offering people worldwide the opportunity to show their support for a person, idea, or company through sending money online. Supporters […]