4 Great Cannabis-Infused Recipes You Can Try at Home

cannabis-infused recipes

With the legalization of cannabis making its way across the country, there are many different methods of consumption that are gaining in popularity. Edibles are one of the most popular as it’s a great alternative to traditional smoking of the cannabis plant. Here are four great cannabis-infused recipes that you should try making at home […]

Cannabis-infused Honey – CannaHoney – A Whole New World of Sweetness

Cannabis-infused Honey

Honey, in its own right, is a wonder substance. It has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that make it excellent for wound care, treating cough and boosting memory. However when infused with cannabis, it develops even more interesting properties. Canna-infused honey is also super easy to make. The Fusion To make it, you first have to […]

How Did We Start Cooking with Marijuana

cooking with marijuana

Salt, pepper, a couple of herbs… these are some of the usual suspects in anyone’s pantry. For those who are medicating with medical marijuana, a new staple could be the herb itself. For most people, Cannabis could only be infused in brownies and cookies – but with the culinary revolution going on full blast, making […]

Cannabis-infused Christmas Feast

cannabis-infused Christmas feast

As the holiday season nears, most people are already completing their Christmas lists and planning their great holiday vacation. And some of our cannabis lovers are getting ready for a greener holiday season. Most are packing their cannabis herbs and texting their friends to plan ahead a huff and puff party. However, some other cannabis […]