Warren Says If Democrats Take Senate in November, They’ll Vote on Cannabis Bill

Charged with Possession

Massachusetts representative Senator Elizabeth Warren said that she is confident Democrats will vote on a bill that supports the production and regulation of cannabis without any federal intervention. According to her, this will materialize if ever they pass the bill in the Senate in November. Senator Warren, who has also been eyed as one of […]

Anti-Cannabis Legalization in the White House Committee is Starting to Flourish

Trump’s administration is at it again and this time they are heading towards delaying the legalization of cannabis in the United States at a federal level. The federal prohibition on cannabis is getting stronger by the day and it seems that no one can stop it. A special White House Committee is said to collect […]

Peru Passes Bill to Legalize Medical Cannabis

Medical cannabis’ popularity is not only contained in the United States. As a matter of fact, several countries outside of America have been quick to follow its footsteps when it comes to the legalization of medical cannabis. One of the examples that probably got everyone’s attention is the conservative South American country, Peru. Just recently, […]

Medical Cannabis Included for Missouri’s November Ballot

Medical Cannabis Included for Missouri's November Ballot

Missouri voters will go to the polls this fall to decide whether to raise the minimum wage, institute sweeping ethics reforms and if the state should legalize medical cannabis. After several groups campaigned progressively and gathered enough signatures across this Midwestern U.S. state and Missourians will vote on in the upcoming November ballot. Jay Ashcroft, […]

Texas Might Have a Chance at Legalizing Cannabis

For more than a decade now, legislators in Texas have proposed several bills which aimed at weakening the rigid cannabis laws in Texas. All of those measures were rejected until 2015 when Gov. Greg Abbot authorized the Compassionate Use Act. Governor Abbot’s amendment legalized the sale of particular kind of cannabis oils for the residents […]

Medicinal Cannabis Coming To South Korea

Medicinal Cannabis Coming To South Korea

Although several countries worldwide, especially the Western nations have already started embracing medical cannabis in one form or another, such a change in perception seems to be coming slowly to Asia. However, South Korea may be the first in line in the continent to wholly accept reforms that welcome the medical properties of cannabis. South […]