Bernie Sanders Cosponsors Cory Booker’s Marijuana Justice Act

Bernie Sanders Cosponsors Marijuana Justice Act

A number of possible rivals in the next Democratic presidential nomination are joining forces to make a law that may possibly end the federal government’s war on marijuana. Last week, Bernie Sanders, the U.S. Senator from Vermont and a presidential nominee for the Democrats in the last U.S. election, signed to co-sponsor the Marijuana Justice […]

Medical Marijuana Might Be on Utah’s Ballot this November

Medical Marijuana in Utah

In Salt Lake City, almost 160,000 signatures were gathered in support for the ballot initiative with regards to medical marijuana. This will give the residents of the state the power to decide the legality and availability of medical cannabis in November this year. The organization actively gathering the signatures are the Utah Patients Coalition. FOX […]

United Nations Advises Nigeria to Legalize Cannabis

Nigeria to Legalize Cannabis

Nigeria is showing strong signs that it might soon loosen its strict anti-marijuana laws. According to some observers from the UN, these developments were the result of several African countries relaxing their regulations against the substance. Just last year, Lesotho became the first country in Africa to legalize cannabis. Ghana, Swaziland, and Malawi are also […]

US Congress Seeks to Extend the Protection of Medical Marijuana

Politicians Embrace Marijuana

Canada’s cannabis industry is budding and growing at an extraordinary speed since medical cannabis legalization in 2001. Health Canada, the country’s equivalent of U.S.’ Department of Health and Human Services was given the authority to oversee the production and licensing of the substance soon after the decriminalization. As of this moment, the North American country is […]

Recreational Marijuana Might Soon Be Legal in the State of Illinois

Recreational marijuana might soon be legal in the state of Illinois

Recreational marijuana might soon be legal in the state of Illinois.  Actions are being put into order in decriminalizing the plant for recreational use following the legalization for medical use a few years ago. Earlier last year, there were over 20,000 qualified patients that were able to participate in the state’s medical marijuana program. The […]

Medical Marijuana Movement is Rising in Kentucky

In recent news, Louisville has been making a call to hear out the miracles of medical marijuana and give it a chance in legislation. In Kentucky, after hundreds of residents who are suffering from chronic diseases started to complain and demand an alternative to their usual pills, Metro Council approved a resolution that supports the […]

US Senator Puts the Spotlight on Big Pharma for Opposing Medical Cannabis Legalization

Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, a distinguished Democratic senator gave pharmaceutical companies a verbal beating for opposing and trying to derail marijuana legalization. The senator berated the companies for treating cannabis as competition for chronic pain medications. She added that it is outrageous for them to criticize marijuana as there is no overdose issue with the substance. […]

Politics in Canada Delays Marijuana Legalization Plan

The Canadian cannabis enthusiast most likely won’t be able to make their legal adult use purchase on July 1 this year. Most Canadians thought the legalization of recreational marijuana would take effect on Canada’s 151st Birthday. Cannabis entrepreneurs and their patrons have to stand by a little bit longer as the anticipated date for legal […]

Federal Judge Recognizes Medical Properties Of Marijuana in Lawsuit Against DEA

The federal trial against the DEA and Jeff Sessions regarding the validity of the plea to legalize medical marijuana has finally begun. On February 14, Valentine’s Day, a defining point for the supporters and advocates of the medical marijuana legalization movement was marked as they found love from the result of the legal proceedings. The […]

The Rising Momentum of Cannabis Legalization

Australia's Green Party - Cannabis Legalisation Plan

In business, only one thing is certain: uncertainty. You never know when the next black swan is around the corner, or when a great opportunity will present itself. This is true in all industries, but its effects are amplified when operating at the intersection of a nascent industry, shifting national sentiment and antagonistic federal law. […]