Terpenes and Tinctures – What’s the Connection?

Terpenes and Tinctures – What’s the Connection?

Plenty of people already know about terpenes as the “flavor compounds” of hemp plants. These organic compounds, which are found in plants throughout the world, give hemp plants (and by extension, CBD extracts) their distinctive flavors, aromas, and tastes. Flavor and aroma are especially important aspects of oral CBD products like tinctures. However, terpenes can […]

Forest Bathing (Shinrin-Yoku) with Cannabis

What is Forest Bathing? ‘Forest bathing’ or ‘shinrin-yoku’ in Japanese is a natural therapy using the assistance of a well-established forest to help us to relax, detox and to get relief from our overstimulated urban lifestyle. It is not only beneficial to experience relief from symptoms that we may already have, such as the feeling […]

The Top 5 Terpenes You Should Be Aware Of

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The rapid expansion of laws legalizing marijuana for medical and recreational use has led to an explosion of scientific research into the cultivation, composition, and consumption of this sturdy and complex plant. And, as one might predict, this research has led to a wildfire of entrepreneurialism. Where once people talked about pot, grass, and weed, […]

All about Marijuana Terpenes: Terps & Flavonoids

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If you are a marijuana consumer, you would know that the aromas from different cannabis plants vary. You can also probably relate to taking a good sniff and inhaling these aromas when choosing a strain. But have you considered what causes these aromas? They actually come from what is called Marijuana Terpenes, or Terpenoids. In […]