Why You Should Be Using GRASSDOOR.com If You Live In L.A.

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Since the Legalization of Cannabis in 2016 under Proposition 64 in Los Angeles, there has been high demand in the market for Marijuana. Whether it is for medicinal or recreational purposes, cannabis can be obtained legally through many licensed dispensaries and retail stores across the state.

The newest trend in Cannabis retail is ultra-modern, reliable delivery services. GRASSDOOR is a service that delivers cannabis to all parts of the city just like the Uber Eats.

GRASSDOOR has many customers thanks to L.A.’s second largest population in America and the world’s largest consumer base for cannabis products. Statistics estimate that the legal marijuana industry will grow from $10 Billion to an estimated $50 Billion in the USA in the next ten years.

Despite the legalization of marijuana in L.A., there are still kinks in the law that need to be ironed out. The high taxes and unregulated underground sellers are making it hard for legal retail stores to keep open.

GRASSDOOR is a licensed delivery service that aims to give customers the best service and value possible by eliminating the need for expensive retail storefronts. Instead of physical stores, GRASSDOOR invests its capital in amazing technology that gives customers the best experience and incredible reliability, similar to what Lyft and Uber provide.

So, why should one use this technology to purchase and get their order delivered at their doorstep?

1. It is a safe service.

Because of the sensitive nature of the job, the company conducts background checks on its drivers before hiring them. They are trained and licensed professionals who understand that the customer’s needs come first. They are easy to identify because they are always in an official uniform when making a delivery.

2. They offer a reliable and convenient service.

When shopping online, reliability is vital to the customer. Grassdoor takes this principle serious enough that both the technical and operational ends are a reflection of reliability.

Since the service can be accessed from a mobile application, convenience is guaranteed. When a customer places an order, the delivery time is usually 30 minutes, and if it’s much longer, GRASSDOOR always gives customers free credits for their next order.

The app includes a Real Time Map that allows the customer to track their order until from dispatch to delivery.

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3. Their product is top notch.

GRASSDOOR prides itself on sourcing and selling the best Cannabis products in the market. If you are looking for Cannabis flower to smoke in pipes, joints, blunts or bongs, you will not be able to find better flower than what GRASSDOOR sells.

All flower is handpicked at the cultivation facility and is thoroughly tested before being added to the GRASSDOOR menu. GRASSDOOR aims to offer the highest quality flower possible at every price point on the menu.

In regard to oil cartridges and vape pens, GRASSDOOR offers the most popular brands in the industry to give customers the most convenient purchasing experience possible.

How the App Works

GRASSDOOR.com has an incredibly simple interface that makes it easy to understand the selection and ordering process. The checkout feature on the app offers low friction thus improving the user experience.

They also save previously purchased products in case one wants the same product again making it easy to reorder. The app is easy to log into with guaranteed privacy.

The GRASSDOOR driver application, on iOS and Android, is just like the Uber driver app and has a GPS locator for delivery purposes and geo-tracking for transparency. He or she can manage their inventory, earnings among other administrative tools.

GRASSDOOR’s backend system allows the drivers and customers service team to fix issues and help customers in real-time. The GRASSDOOR team has all the tools it needs to solve problems and make every customer happy with no delay.

GRASSDOOR is what Cannabis consumers have always wanted; The ultimate, most dependable delivery service.

GRASSDOOR is definitely a game changer.

Evita T.

Evita T.

She is a free spirit who is most passionate about writing. She has been working for the cannabis industry as a freelance copywriter for quite some time. She can dabble writing while traveling because she is just simply super.

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