Why Do You Need to Use A Quality Herb Grinder

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This question has frequently emerged in our heads but not out of curiosity rather because of the tedious grinding process. Whether we like it or not grinding beforehand is an indispensable step to extricate the potent vapors from the plant matter.

But the quality of the device defines how laborious the process will be. For instance, a quality device such as sharpstone grinder has an extra compartment to store pollens separately and overall better at pulverizing.

So, let’s dive into some of the benefits of herb grinders to make it vivid why you need them.

1) Produce Smoother Smoke

Ground-up plant matter would be easier to heat in comparison to the closely-packed mound. The heat will be evenly distributed and the resulting vapor would be smoother and much more delicious.

On the other hand, if you insert the matter without grinding then there will be a high risk of combustion. One side of the mound will be more heated than the rest is resulting in strong burnt flavor and that is what gives a sore feeling in your throat.

2) Better Taste of The Vapors

Vape enthusiast thrives on distinct flavorsome hits in the throat and that is only possible if you are using a quality herb grinder.

When you grind them into a powder, the surface area drastically increases. It simply means that the heat will be evenly distributed in the chamber and as a result, you would get smoother and enhanced taste.

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3) The Process Becomes More Controlled

The even distribution of heat throughout the chamber means that you can even play at higher temperatures without having to worry about combustion. But remember even ground up herbs can combust if you maintain a very high temperature for a considerable time.

4) No Reduced Potency

When you use your hands to grind the herbs, the plant matter sticks to your fingers and your skin absorbs the potency. You will lose a lot of THC crystals and it will also make a mess.

5) More Room for Herbs

Ground-up herbs will lose their voluminous structure and will take less space. You would be able to fit more plant matter in the oven. As a result, your vaping session will last longer than before and you wouldn’t need to refuel for a longer time.

6) Saves Time

A herb grinder would take half the time you need to grind the matter with your hands. Therefore, it is a great timesaving remedy.

7) Help Produce Thicker Clouds

We have already established that they help generate flavorful outcome and on top of that, the ground-up plant matter is an ideal fuel to give rise to thicker and denser clouds.

8) Cost-Saving Solution

People usually think that by loading more herbs as closely-packed as possible would help them generate stronger hits. Well, that is nothing but a huge misconception. By doing so, you will just spoil them and they will get burnt.

The best way to get a stronger flavor from the same quantity of the herbs is through grinding them properly. So, you would not only enjoy more but you will also save a lot of money.

9) They are Portable

You might think that it would be troublesome to carry a herb grinder around. That is only true for the heftier models having 5-piece construction.

There are many concealable options available in the market that are perfect for people who travel a lot.  But on the con side, the portable devices do not offer the same features as their full-body counterparts.

10) Catch Kief

Kief is trichome crystals that are the essence of dry herbs. You can’t separate it properly just by using your hands therefore, using a grinder will help catch kief.

However, the portable or 2-piece grinders do not possess the pollen filter. For that, you would need to purchase a 3-4-piece grinder.

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