The Wonderful World of Cannabis Edibles

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Cannabis edibles are one of the most popular ways of ingesting marijuana since not everyone likes to vape or light up a joint. People who choose cannabis edibles are usually those who would like to benefit from cannabis discretely or simply do not like smoking (to be upfront it’s not the healthiest way either).

Cannabis edibles make it easy for a lot of people to experience the herb since they come in many tasty varieties. Example of popular edibles are:

For some, trying an edible might be just a novelty, however, it is a very good option for regular cannabis users. Why? Well, it doesn’t involve carcinogens or other harmful elements like tar which  you are exposed to when smoking.

Edibles are eaten and consumed gastrointestinally.

Overall, cannabis edibles provide a more enjoyable experience for those who would rather not smoke. At the same time, they still get the “high” – but only in a tastier, discrete, and friendlier manner.

Another important factor about edibles is that the high experience is DIFFERENT compared to inhaling it which may be why people prefer it.

Feeling hungry for more information?

This article will give you a brief introduction to the wonderful world of cannabis edibles. Find out what tingles your taste buds…

Types of Cannabis Edibles

cannabis edibles

When it comes to cannabis edibles, they are not all the same in regards to their effect and form. Basically, there are two types:  

  1. Oral uptakes:  These cover lollipops, lozenges, gum, and drops and have immediate yet short-lasting effects (only 2-3 hours).
  2. Gastrointestinal uptakes: Those under gastrointestinal uptakes ranges from brownies, cookies, to chocolate bars and has delayed (up to two hours ‘til a user feels it) yet longer lasting effects (up to eight hours).

Things to Keep in Mind When Consuming Edibles

How Cannabis Can be a Positive Appetite Stimulant-cannabis edibles

When it comes to this cannabis by-product, here are some things that should be kept in mind.

  • Potency: It should be potent enough for you to actually feel the effects. You should always check its concentration levels and see if it’s at the level you can handle. Always start with small amounts, and avoid over-consumption.
  • Varies Experience: Edibles usually are not too strong, and as mentioned, they have varied effectivity times. Given that the effects are delayed, be patient and don’t assume that it’s not taking on effect just because it takes longer compared to smoking it.
  • Portion: The amount you take also matters, and like everything else, you should consume these sparingly.
  • Responsible use: You must be mindful of its effects to your body. Only you can determine if it’s good or harmful to you. Effects are unpredictable, which is why you should be clear on the reason you chose to try edibles, also be in a safe environment when trying them. Whether it’s for sleep improvement or alleviation of the effects of anxiety, know what’s right for you and don’t over consume on your first trial.

Cannabis Edibles Available in the Market Today

Here are some popular edibles on the market today ( where it’s legal to sell) :


cannabis edibles

Probably the most common type of edible, “space brownies” is very reminiscent of college for many people. This is popular because it’s very discreet. Marijuana also surprisingly mixes very well with the flavor of chocolate, and this remains an edible go-to for many users.

Hard Candy

cannabis edibles

Each piece is said to have 5mg each, which is why it’s important to snack on these like you would with chips. This is good for those who really want to monitor their THC consumption.

Beef Jerky

cannabis edibles

Hailed as the top edible for 2015 by High Times, this product by BadFish Extracts proved to be a savory way of ingesting cannabis. Each bar has 91.3grams of THC, and this should be consumed in small amounts. Now this is a protein-packed option!

Ice Cream

cannabis edibles

It comes to no surprise that this cold treat got the THC fix too. Beezle’s Creamery of California has a wide array of weed-infused ice cream. If you have a favorite flavor, then they probably came up with a “green” version.

Hemp Milk

cannabis edibles
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Probably one of the most potent types of edibles with 300g, THC-infused milk is also quite a hit. Waska Medical has a full range of hemp milk with tasty flavors like strawberry and cookies and cream. People who have difficulty sleeping usually go for this one. It’s also vegan and gluten-free.

Other common types of edibles are truffles, full sized chocolate bars, and drinks. Drinks are particularly special because it’s a combo of oral and gastrointestinal uptake.

A Tasty Piece of Advice

If you are interested in consuming marijuana in this form, it is vital to know your limits and what your body can take. Although the effects are prolonged, it doesn’t mean that you still are not exposed to the potential dangers of taking the drug. It doesn’t have the effect for all people, which is why you should know which type of edible is best for you.

As we know, marijuana has different strains – all of which have very different effects on one another. Don’t hesitate to approach any person at your neighborhood dispensary regarding the strains that fit best to your needs.

With such deliciousness comes with great responsibility. When it comes to edibles, be a responsible user as well and always be mindful of your use.  

What is your all-time favorite cannabis edible?

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