Cannabis Extraction - DEA's Rule on Cannabis Extracts Stand

Cannabis Job Alert: Extraction Technician

Cannabis concentrates or cannabis extracts have been gaining popularity in the industry. They are more potent than the standard cannabis buds. Through the process of extraction, undesirable byproducts are removed. The end products will then … Read more

Celebrity Cannabis Products

Designer Pot And Celebrity Strains

It was inevitable, really. As marijuana becomes more mainstream and accepted, celebrities are coming out of the green closet to associate their names to the game. Entertainers, in particular, are lending their status to certain … Read more

Religion and Cannabis

Religion And Cannabis

Because of its psychoactive properties, it is no surprise that cannabis has played a significant role in religious rites – for thousands of years and in many different parts of the world. Its use has … Read more

Cannabis Master Grower

The Cannabis Master Grower

With the growing demands for high-quality Cannabis products, commercial Cannabis industry tends to hire people with exceptional expertise and solid understanding about the nature of the Cannabis plant. And one of these experts is the … Read more