Uruguay's Experiment Legalization

Uruguay Wants Tourists to Start Rolling Up

Uruguay’s progressive government has made the decision to expand its legal cannabis distribution to tourists. So far, tourists have not been allowed to access cannabis legally in the small South American country. However, this will … Read more

New Series of Druglawed Burns Up the Screen!

Greendorphin is proud to be a sponsor of the second series of Druglawed, the international cannabis documentary. The new Druglawed series has just been released, covering developments in Israel, Australia, New Zealand, Argentina and Uruguay. … Read more

Peru Passes Bill to Legalize Medical Cannabis

Medical cannabis’ popularity is not only contained in the United States. As a matter of fact, several countries outside of America have been quick to follow its footsteps when it comes to the legalization of … Read more

The Progress of Cannabis In Mexico: Reform South of The Border

Mexico’s New Administration May Legalize Cannabis

After his landslide victory in the presidential race, the leftist candidate Andrés Manuel López Obrador is now Mexico’s president. Several movements in his administration hints that in his term, Mexico might become the 3rd country … Read more