Can Dogs Use Human CBD Oil?

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Humans have realized that they can get a lot of physical and mental benefits by using CBD oil. In recent years, with the massive legalization process in Europe and the US, we saw an expansion of cannabis and hemp-based products for human consumption.

The idea of getting your animals involved in CBD use is not far fetched. Once we realize that we can get a lot of benefits from CBD, it’s only natural that we ask ourselves, can our pets reap the same benefits?

Well, it’s much safer to give them specialized CBD, as suggested in this awesome read, but this is not the only option.

Dogs are mans’ best friends, and we always want what’s best for them. Since CBD oil is considered an organic and natural approach to medicine that has scientifically been proven to work, we want to know how it impacts them. Many researchers have approved CBD oil for dogs to be quite beneficial in improving their overall health.

The Endocannabinoid System

Let’s give you the direct answer first – Yes, dogs can safely use CBD. In fact, so can most animals that have the endocannabinoid system.

As to avoid dealing with the nervous system in too much detail, let’s just say that they have the necessary receptors to receive the same effect as the human body.

endocannabinoid system - CBD and mental health

The Benefits

The potential benefits animals that have this system can receive from using oil include pain relief, anti-inflammatory effects, anti-anxiolytic effects, and so on.

The most common conditions managed by CBD in dogs cover osteoarthritis and epilepsy.

Osteoarthritis is a tricky, inflammatory condition that causes pain and stiffness in animals. By giving dogs 2-8 mg of CBD oil per kilo of body mass two times per day, vets manage the pain and discomfort from this disease for the animals.

As many as 80% of dogs seem less irritable and more mobile than before the therapy, as reported by owners.

The only side-effect was slightly increased ALP levels, which indicate the liver’s activity but not so much to consider it a negative side-effect.

For epileptic attacks, dogs are usually given 2.5 mg of oil per kilo twice a day to reduce the frequency and severity of seizures.

Adding CBD oil doesn’t mean that you need to get your pet off the standard antiepileptic treatment – they work better in tandem.

The Difference Between CBD for Dogs and CBD for Humans

There is no particular difference between CBD products for each one. You need to make sure you are getting hemp CBD oil that meets the same legal standards as human variants (0.2% in EU, 0.3% in the US), and you need to adjust the dosage.

CBD oil variants for dogs are a good option because they come with dosage instructions. They also have an adjusted flavor and potency to fit dogs better.

So Can I Give My Dog the Same CBD I’m Using?

Well, if it’s hemp-based and does not contain THC, you should be fine as long as you adjust the dosage.

CBD Dosage for Dogs

The adjustments:

– Now, there are quite a few factors to keep in mind if you want to make this work. First of all, you need to consider the size of the animal as the 0.3% variants can become strong for them, resulting in unwanted side-effects.

– You should also be aware that some CBD oils contain terpenes, which can be harmful to animals. Terpenes include tea tree, peppermint, limonene, pine, to name a few from this essential oil family, and you should check if your mix contains these substances before you give CBD to your dog.

– Sugar-free CBD is a must for dogs. CBD oils’ original taste is earthy and rather bitter, which is why we take the oil with some other beverage to mask its flavor. Some manufacturers add artificial sweeteners and taste to their oil. Some of these can be very harmful to dogs, and sugar (artificial or otherwise) should be avoided. Either give them unflavoured CBD mixed with food or get CBD for pets with added flavor specifically for them.

– Adjusting the dosage is a must if you are going to give your dog CBD intended for human consumption. Our K9 friends are smaller than us (usually) and, therefore, can’t take the same dosage as we can. The instructions on your container calculate the correct dosage by considering the weight of an average human. Even start lower than the math shows you should – just to be safe.

We hope we managed to help you find all the information you needed when it comes to giving your K9 friends CBD oil intended for humans.

Whatever you choose, start them off slowly, with smaller doses to adjust and avoid any potentially harmful reactions.

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