3 Ways CBD Oil Can Improve Physical Symptoms of Anxiety

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CBD, or cannabidiol, is naturally occurring chemical found in cannabis plants. While THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) has long been the most famous compound, CBD is quickly gaining steam as research is proving its ability to help deal with anxiety without the adverse effects of leaving users feeling intoxicated.

In addition, its minimal side effects make it an ideal option for many patients.

Here are three ways science has found that CBD helps with the physical symptoms of anxiety.

Brain Blood Flow

In 2010, a small study was released that followed the effects of CBD on patients that suffered from generalized social anxiety disorder.

This was done by measuring the blood flow in the brain of 10 individuals. During the first bit, patients were either administered CBD or a placebo.

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In the second phase of the study, what the individuals received was switched. For instance, if one received a placebo the first time, they received CBD the second and vice versa.

Results showed a significant change in blood flow patterns of the brain, indicating anxiety reduction.

Heart Rate

A year later, another study was carried out that tested CBD and public speaking. Those involved had three physiological markers measured six different times over the course of the study.

These were heart rate, blood pressure, and skin conductance. They were then asked to participate in a simulation public speaking test. Again, some participants were given CBD oil and others a placebo.

study on public speaking when using CBD for Physical Symptoms of Anxiety

Yet again, those that took CBD revealed a much more calm state during the simulation, showing much lower heart rates than those in the placebo group.


Better sleep has also been linked to CBD usage by a study published in 2016. For those with PTSD that resulted in impaired sleep, available medicines have only ever provided partial relief and came with major side effects.

By trying out CBD instead, patients showed a decrease in anxiety and a steady improvement in both quantity and quality of sleep without any of the dangers found in pharmaceutical options.

Marijuana plants are more than just for recreational use. Their chemicals, namely CBD, are proving to be extremely effective in physically aiding the body in staving off anxiety in a myriad of ways.

No longer do individuals suffering from the negative physical symptoms of anxiety have to suffer. From decreased blood pressure to increased sleep, it’s an amazing way to aid the issue with a natural solution.

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