How to Safely Take Alcohol with Cannabis

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There are many reasons why you should be aware of the effects of combining alcohol and cannabis, including short and long-term effects of what is commonly known as “crossfading.”

When you are considering mixing alcohol with cannabis you should be aware that the effects of the psychoactive ingredient of cannabis, THC is increased when you drink alcohol before consuming cannabis.

In some studies reported by Healthline, cannabis appeared to slow down the rise of blood alcohol levels, which could mean you become intoxicated without realizing it. Be sure to read on before heading to the liquor store.

Using Alcohol Before Using Cannabis

One of the most common ways of mixing alcohol with cannabis is to drink heavily before using marijuana. Many try and combine the sedative nature of both alcohol and cannabis over a long period.

Studies have shown the effects of cannabis can be increased with the use of alcohol because the two drugs affect different areas of the brain.

This impact is created by the combination of alcohol and cannabis widening the blood vessels in the gastrointestinal tract to allow for faster absorption of THC, according to the Recovery Village.

How to Safely Take Alcohol With Cannabis

The Side Effects of Mixing the Two Drugs

For many who have a long history with both cannabis and alcohol, the intense ‘high” that is created by mixing these two drugs can add to the euphoric feelings often associated with both.

However, the combination of the two can cause problems for some people. The intensity of the feelings produced can lead to specific side effects, including sweating, nausea, vomiting, and dizziness.

With more than 90 million Americans claiming to use marijuana once or twice a week, the number of users mixing alcohol and cannabis will most likely continue to climb.

Abusing Either Substance Can Cause Problems

Knowing what you should expect when you combine alcohol and cannabis is one of the most important parts of staying safe when combining these two substances.

You must be aware of the effect of cannabis on your system when you consume alcohol. Your ability to absorb blood alcohol into your system will be hindered, giving you the feeling that you are not impaired after drinking heavily, but you may not be as sober as you believe.

This could lead to problems if you decide to drive a car or operate heavy machinery. Make sure to practice safe substance use and only experiment with someone sober nearby.

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