The Benefits of CBD Oil for Women

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Women are beautiful and strong creatures who encounter specific physical and mental complications that are unique to the female sex.

CBD oil can help with many of these issues, including relieving menstrual cramps and offering stress relief for busy and overwhelmed mothers. So, if you’re a woman who’s considering CBD oil, here are a few ways it can improve your quality of life.

Cannabis for Menstrual Pain

Treats Menstrual Cramps

If there’s one thing most women can relate to, it’s the discomfort and pain that comes with their menstrual period. Once a month until menopause, women experience discomfort, bloating, and cramps caused by the contraction of the uterus and womb.

Menstrual cramps can also cause inflammation. And that’s where CBD oil comes into play. CBD oil is known to help reduce inflammation in both men and women and when used during a woman’s menstrual cycle, it can help lessen the inflammation and discomfort felt in the woman’s uterus. PMS, or premenstrual symptoms, also include irritability and mood swings.

That’s because a woman’s hormones are imbalanced during her menstrual cycle. CBD oil is also proven to help elicit feelings of calm and relaxation, which is very beneficial to women feeling edgy both during and before their period.


Reduces Stress and Anxiety

A woman’s menstrual cycle isn’t the only thing that causes mood changes. General stress and anxiety affect 8 in 10 Americans and women are no different. In fact, women often carry a different kind of stress than men.

By nature, women are problem solvers and multi-taskers. This often causes women to take on more than they can handle. Whether it’s additional responsibilities at work, caring for children, or maintaining a household. All of these tasks and responsibilities combined can create a lot of pressure, which leads to stress and anxiety.

One of the most well-known benefits of CBD oil is its ability to reduce stress and elicit feelings of calm and relaxation. These feelings are different from the “high” experienced by THC, which is commonly found in marijuana.

CBD oil is legal in all 50 states due to its low level of THC. Users won’t feel high but instead an overwhelming sense of calm, which helps combat stress and anxiety.

THC and CBD Dosage for Falling and Staying Asleep

Improves Sleep

If there’s one thing most women can agree on, it’s that they’re often sleep deprived.

A woman’s mind has a hard time turning off at the end of the day. Grocery lists, doctor’s appointments, presentations, and other obligations often run through their minds, keeping them awake. This results in the inability to fall asleep and disrupted sleep.

The relaxing effects of CBD oil can help your body and mind slow down and welcome sleep. For other people, CBD actually makes them feel more alert and aware. This helps women be more productive and active during the day, which in turn, makes them sleepier and in need of rest at the day’s end.

It’s important to determine how your body reacts to CBD oil and use it accordingly to help with sleep. Every woman’s body is unique and will react differently.

breast cancer

Combats Chemotherapy Side Effects

Sadly, there are over 14 million people are currently struggling with cancer and just last year, over 1.7 million new cases were diagnosed.

The most traditional way to treat cancer of all types is through chemotherapy. Chemotherapy is a type of drug used to prevent cancer cells from dividing and spreading by killing them. Unfortunately, it comes with a long list of negative side effects including nausea, vomiting, and fatigue.

While CBD oil can’t cure cancer, it can help combat some of these unpleasant side effects. 1 in 8 women will develop invasive breast cancer in their lifetime and CBD oil can help these women and others deal with side effects like nausea, pain, anxiety, paranoia, and even seizures.

More research is being done to find out if CBD oil can actually reduce the size of cancerous tumors.

Closeup of pills

Offers a Holistic Approach

If you’re the type of woman who prefers holistic medicine and a more natural approach to healing, CBD oil can offer many medicinal and psychological benefits to help replace or supplement traditional medications.

Thousands of women suffer from heart disease annually and while CBD can’t cure this condition, it can help combat some heart complications like lowering cholesterol and blood pressure and reducing blocked arteries.

Arthritis is another common ailment in females caused by inflammation in the joints as a result of wear and tear. CBD oil is proven to reduce inflammation, offering natural relief to arthritis sufferers.

A woman currently taking prescription medication for a diagnosed condition should consult with her physician before replacing any medications.

For those women seeking an even more natural experience, there are organic forms of CBD oil available as well. Learn more about organic CBD oil here.

sex life

Improved Sex Life

Many women struggle with enjoying sexual intercourse. For some, it’s the inability to relax and let down their guard or inhibitions, while others physically struggle to achieve orgasm. Some women are naturally self-conscious about their bodies and feel embarrassed or uptight when it comes to sex and intimacy.

CBD oil is a great way to relax your mind and body enough to really enjoy the sexual experience. The relaxing effects of CBD can help you become more adventurous and willing to try new things in the bedroom. CBD is also said to help the body’s sexual inhibition system and sexual excitation system work harmoniously. This helps women more easily achieve orgasm and enjoy the sensations of physical contact. Women can communicate more honestly and openly with their partners as well, leading to a deeper connection and more intense pleasure.

CBD oil isn’t designed specifically for any one user. Anyone knowledgeable about its many benefits and old enough to use CBD can take advantage of its many health benefits. But there are certain conditions and ailments that women experience more often or more intensely than men. And CBD oil may just be the solution you’re searching for.

Kim Taylor

Kim Taylor

Kim Taylor is a mother, wife, freelance writer, and lover of all things natural and holistic. When she isn't writing or spending time with family, Kim enjoys yoga, meditation, and experiencing nature.

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