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HPS vs LED Grow Lights for Weed

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I have brought HPS vs LED Grow Lights for Weed guide for you. When you start gathering stuff for your indoor growing set-up, choosing the right grow light is always a thing that brings confusion and headache.

Today, I am here to eliminate that headache, and I will provide you with authentic facts about both lights. We have been researching these lights for eight years, and hardly anyone else can provide you with better advice.

Here we go!

HPS Vs LED Grow Lights for Weed

First of all, I will explain the basic advantages and disadvantages of both these sorts of lights, and then I will put on my personal opinion and help you out in selecting the right one.

LED Grow Lights:

These are the most appreciated lights of today’s world. They are very well designed, and provide all luxuries to your plants.

The biggest advantages are that these lights provide a full spectrum of light, and a few of them also provide IR, UV and White light. Some LED lights come with Veg/Bloom switches, with which you can make the right light to fall upon your plants during a specific phase of growth and that can be called the best led grow lights to grow cannabis indoors.

Daisy chaining feature is also a thing that makes LED grow lights highly beneficial.

Now, let us see what all benefits these LED lights provide you.

Advantages of LED Grow Lights

Following are the benefits of using a LED grow light:

1) Less power consumption

For the long run, the LED grow lights are very suitable, as they consume much less energy as an average in contrast to the HPS grow lights. If you have a medium or even large size grow area, using LED grow lights might be a bit expensive, but they very well save heaps of money for you.

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2) Perfect supply of light

The big difference between HPS and LED grow light is that with a LED grow light, you can provide more red or blue light and fasten a particular grow phase of your plants. It is proved scientifically that if you want to increase the plants’ growth rate, then LED grow lights are better than anything else.

3) Less heat production

LED grow lights run 70% cooler than a normal HPS set-up. Besides that, the LED grow lights come with a heat dissipation system. The temperature inside the grow tent/room is not going to rise even if you are using just a small exhaust fan.

4) Long lasting

Again here, the heat dissipation system is responsible for the long life of the LED grow lights. These lights live long in contrast to HPS. Besides that, most of the LED grow lights come with zener protected chips, which means if you can replace the chips is the go out, and there will be no impact on rest of the unit.

Disadvantages of LED Grow Lights

Following are the disadvantages of LED grow lights:

1) Less coverage area

These grow lights provide direct light, pretty much similar to a flashlight. As a result, these grow lights cover comparatively less area. So, if you have a plan for covering a bigger reign, you will have to spend much money on buying multiple LEDs.

2) High cost

Some hobbyist growers do not prefer spending big. LED grow lights cost higher than HPS. However, if you are looking for a small grow area, then there are many grow lights that are under $100, and you can read about them by clicking on 5 Best LED Grow Lights Under $100. But for developing a bigger grow area, LED set-up is going to cost you quite high.

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3) Heat effect and Light pollution

LED grow lights are much sensitive, and cannot work in 40+ degrees C temperature. HPS can work though! Besides that, these LEDs emit UV rays, which can bring harm to the human eye, and the brightness can also make you completely blind!

HPS Grow Lights:

High-Pressure Sodium is what HPS means. These lights are much older than LED grow lights, and they have proved themselves decent for indoor growing for years. Let us see how tall it stands in front of LED grow lights by knowing the pros and cons.


Following are the advantages of HPS growlight:

1) Come in proper kits

The best thing here is that HPS grow lights arrive in sets. They are ready to set up, and you don’t need to buy anything additionally. In a package of HPS grow light, you are getting everything that you require.

2) Less energy draw

HPS setup never lets you bother about the energy draw. They sip quite less energy from the wall, but if you compare HPS to LED on the grounds of energy consumption, then we will have to accept that LEDs are better here.

3) Great supporter of bloom stage

HPS lights are built in such a way that they emit light between the orange and red part of the spectrum, hence supporting the bloom stage to its best, and the buds that you gather using it are decent. It enhances hormone development.


Read further to know about the disadvantages of HPS grow lights:

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1) High price

However in comparison to LED grow lights, these are a bit cheaper, but when we compare it with other grow lights, you will find these lights quite expensive. Regular HPS grow lights are available at a comfortable price, but if you are looking for a branded thing here, then there is a huge difference in cost.

2) Disposal issue

Disposing off HPS grow light is very difficult. The main reason is that these contain mercury, which can cause tremendous harms. So, you need to dispose it off very safely and properly, instead of just dropping it in the trash.

4) High heat production and no blue spectrum

These lights produce high heat, which can burn the leaves of the cannabis plants if you are not going on with a perfect exhaust system. Besides that, the blue spectrum is simply missing here. That clearly means that a certain growing phase of your plant is not going to receive any support.

HPS Vs LED Grow Lights for Weed: The verdict

After putting an eye on a whole comparison, it would be easier for you now. It entirely depends upon you that which light is going to fulfill your demands. If you ask an expert like me, then I would say that no matter HPS grow lights are serving since long, and are still in fashion, but buying a LED grow light is much beneficial.

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