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As the health conscious stoner emerges from the yogi dens and smoothie bars of various legal weed hot spots, the cannabis customs that pot lovers once held dear are slowly falling by the wayside.

While I personally will likely never stop smoking blunts, the rise in anti-tobacco propaganda and complete pulverization of anti-marijuana lobbying groups has resulted in many weed smokers having to take a serious look at the way they consume their herb.

Blunts, spliffs, and hash joints were once stoners bread and butter, but now new trends like dabbing concentrates, weed vapes, and even hash-infused vape cartridges are becoming the norm.

A blunt is basically just a tobacco leaf or a hollowed out tobacco shell that has had the tobacco removed and replaced with dried cannabis.

Some of the most common blunt varieties are Swisher Sweets, Dutch Masters, and my personal favorite, Backwoods Honey Berry Cigars.

The latest weed-wagon that many smoking brands are jumping on is the hemp paper train. Big brands like Raw and Elements have been producing hemp papers for years, but hemp blunt wraps are the hot new trend taking over.

These High Hemp Organic Wraps are made entirely from hemp leaves and fibers and contain the naturally occurring cannabinoid cannabidiol, or CBD.

Check out our full video review on the High Hemp Wraps and learn how to twist one up for yourself here:

I find the High Hemp CBD+ Wraps to have a very natural flavor compared to some of the artificial tasting flavored varieties on the market.

Although the brand does sell a few flavored versions, the natural preserves the flavor of your herb the best. These wraps are very easy to roll with and the hemp blunt that you get burns super slow.

The packaging these High Hemp wraps come in is awesome as it has a smell-proof zip-lock seal and is pretty spaceous.

This means that you can twist up a couple of L’s and store them away for safe keeping as long as your lighter and packing tool if need be.

Included in the High Hemp Herb Wraps pack are two (2) High Hemp CBD+ Organic Hemp Wraps, two (2) pre-rolled hemp filter tips, and two packing straws.

These wraps can accomodate roughly 1.5-grams of dried ground herb with the filter the size that it is. If you want to roll it thicker I suggest using a cone tip or simply trumpeting it.

To trumpet a blunt. you just place a little bit of herb at the filter and progressively will the blunt so that it grows wider as it grows longer. Take your time with it, these wraps are tough but they require a little skill.

When you’re twisting up a blunt, you should generally go for a chunkier grind than you would for packing a bowl or even rolling a joint.

Blunts require substantially more cannabis than most other smoking methods, so keeping the grind nice and chunky helps to minimize this a little bit.

As always, we recommend the GrindeROO line of herb grinders which crush the competition at roughly a third of the price.

The result is a nice fat L that is pretty reminiscent of a normal tobacco leaf blunt. These High Hemp CBD+ Wraps burn just as slow and the taste is, of course, more herby.

If you are looking to quit smoking tobacco and sub in something healthier, try out these High Hemp CBD+ Organic Wraps and take your blunt game to the 21st century.

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