Marijuana Testing Kit is a Revolutionary Gift to the Cannabis Industry

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Heard about marijuana testing kits before? Well, in the past few years, the marijuana test kits have gained enormous popularity in the cannabis industry.

Mainly, these are used to test the potency of marijuana products. From commercial cannabis producers to medical marijuana patients, everyone appreciates the use of cannabis testing kits.

It is true that cannabis is not legal in all the states of the US, but still, there is a high demand for recreational or medical marijuana products.

The patients, who deal with chronic pains, anxiety issues, autistic spectrum, nausea, cancer, mental disorder, acne, seizures, insomnia, and multiple sclerosis, greatly seek potent cannabis to maintain stable health conditions.

According to the doctors, marijuana is good for patients, only if consumed as per the medical guidelines and standards.

Prescription for Medical Cannabis

How Marijuana Testing Kits Came Into Existence?

No doubt, cannabis ensures a number of health benefits, but only when its composition is balanced. You should know that, there are more than 80 varieties of cannabinoids present in cannabis, which effectively contribute to the overall potency of the product.

If the composition ratio of cannabinoids is not balanced, mainly for THC and CBD; there are high chances the cannabis product may alter the health condition as well as the perception of consumers. And this is where; marijuana testing kits come into the play.

Doctor diagnose patient symptoms

Being a medical marijuana patient, you should test the potency of cannabis before consuming. As per the potency of drug and doctor’s guideline, you need to determine the dosage of your medication.

Well, there is no need to worry, as you can easily test your cannabis products by using portable test kits. With a simple and easy testing procedure, you can determine whether the cannabis is potent as per your medical needs or not. It doesn’t matter; whether you are buying cannabis from certified medical dispensaries or local weed dealers, it is always wise to review the potency of the drug.

Simply order a marijuana testing kit online and start testing your cannabis products on own.

3 Reasons Why Medical Marijuana Patients Should Test Their Cannabis

In case, you think your cannabis products are potent as per your needs; then you are wrong. Different testing techniques reflect different potency results.

When you have no idea, which testing procedure has been used to determine the potency of the cannabis, it is recommended to test the samples with test kits.

The marijuana testing kits work on TLC testing principle to deliver the most accurate test results regarding potency. Instead of believing in other’s word, simply test and determine the potency of your cannabis through THC test kits.

Below here, some significant reasons are listed, justifying the importance of cannabis testing for medical marijuana patients.

  • To avoid over-dosage – If the THC level of your cannabis is high, then the product is termed as of high potent. In such cases, you should reduce your drug dosage to avoid over consumption risks. Remember, the cannabis dosage varies with the potency of the drug – the higher the potency, the lower the dosage.
  • To identify the harmful pollutants – Just like any other plant, cannabis plants are also affected by pesticides and bacteria during cultivation. The cannabis producers try their best to restrict the bacteria from eating up the whole plants and end up in using harmful pesticides. You should not consume such cannabis products, which involve high % of hazardous pollutants. So, it’s recommended to test the cannabis with THC test kits, before consuming.
  • To understand the THC: CBD ratio – Marijuana testing kits allow you to calculate the % of cannabinoids like THC, CBD, and others. Once you got complete details about the presence of THC and CBD, you can easily determine the overall potency of the cannabis product. Consult with a doctor regarding the dosage your body requires, and accordingly start your cannabis medication course.

THC is the Cannabinoid that showcases the psychoactive effect

So, now you must have understood why and how you need to test your cannabis products. Due to increasing demands, marijuana testing kits have been mentioned in the 2017 cannabis gift wish list. In case, you are still confused whether to buy the testing kits or not; please go through the below-mentioned benefits of using cannabis test kits.

For more information on CBD and THC watch cannabis doctor, Dr Teh’s video below:

Useful Benefits of Marijuana Testing Kits

  • High accuracy and reliability – HPTLC is a proven and certified testing method to examine the potency of cannabis products. As compared to the HPLC and GC techniques, HPTLC is impressive and effective. Well, this is the reason, why THC test kits (HPTLC working principle) are used in conjunction with GC and HPLC testing techniques in the big laboratories. In short, marijuana testing kits ensure high accuracy and reliability for cannabis potency tests.
  • Simple usage – As the test kits are small and portable, you can use them at your home or workplace without any difficulties. You don’t need any certifications to test the cannabis products. Read out the instruction manual offered with the test kit, and accordingly initiate the testing process. You can also watch videos to enhance your knowledge as well as confidence.
  • Time-saving and Cost-effective – It takes only a few minutes to test the cannabis products with THC test kits. In case of emergency, you can test the samples on own and can determine the potency of your drug. Apart from saving time, you can also save well on your expenses by using test kits.


Forget about testing cannabis products in big laboratories. Buy a marijuana test kit online and save well on your budget & time. Understand the potency of your drug and accordingly start an appropriate medication course.

TLC Lab Supply

TLC Lab Supply

TLC Lab Supply is a reputed US-based company, which offers TLC marijuana testing kit online. We have a complete online supply store for test kits and accessories. We are dedicated professionals, who provide reliable testing products as well as excellent customer service.

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