The Pandemic: The Ideal Time to Grow Top Quality Pot

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Since the pandemic began, life for most of us has been very different. Although a lot of people have spent the majority of their free time staring at their smart devices or watching television, others have been more constructive. With scientists and politicians pleading with us to stay indoors, lots of cannabis enthusiasts have been growing weed indoors.

If you use marijuana regularly, then chances are you spend a lot of money on weed products. During these unprecedented times, a lot of folks have found themselves in financial difficulty, so growing weed themselves makes financial sense.

Although the cost of the equipment needed to grow weed can burn a hole in your wallet, you can reuse the tent, the lights, the buckets, and you can even take clones from your first grow so you won’t have to invest in new seeds.

Time is on Your Side

Before the pandemic began, lots of cannabis users would have loved to grow their own plants. Unfortunately, very few people had the time.

Since the outbreak, people all over the globe have been able to work from home. Although they might have to work the same hours as before, they don’t have to spend time commuting to the workplace.

Because a lot of bars, restaurants, sporting facilities, etc. have been closed at certain stages throughout the pandemic, people have found themselves with free time on their hands.

The pandemic has allowed cannabis enthusiasts to grow their own marijuana plants from home. They can spend a lot of time researching the different growing techniques, the different equipment needed to grow top-quality pot, and the different types of strains.

The key to growing good weed is preparation. If you have the proper equipment on hand, and the know-how to grow cannabis, you are on the right track to successfully producing quality plants. If you are stuck for time, you might find yourself rushing the process, which can lead to errors.

Growing Cannabis

Grow Stores Stock A Lot of Equipment

A lot of dispensaries stock a variety of cannabis products, from high-quality buds to cannabis chocolate, but did you know a lot of these stores sell growing equipment too?

The legal marijuana industry has been booming since early 2020. With people staying at home, it seems like people are consuming more weed than before.

Because the industry is growing during these unprecedented times, it is not surprising that there are new cannabis products entering the marketplace on a daily basis. From THC candies to grow kits.

If you are thinking about growing, don’t forget to shop around. Although a lot of physical dispensaries stock grow equipment, there are a lot of grow stores online too.

Prices tend to vary, so it might be worth your while sourcing equipment from grow stores overseas. Even after you pay the shipping costs, the cost of growing equipment online is often a fraction of the price of the equipment in traditional grow stores.

Although there are a lot of grow kits, which are aimed towards first-time growers, you will get better value for your money if you buy each item individually.

If you are working off a tight budget, you should consider finding seeds that allow you to grow outdoors.

Growing Weed Can Help You Take Your Mind Off the Pandemic

A lot of people use cannabis to help them deal with anxiety and stress. There have been reports suggesting that mental health issues are on the rise during this time of Covid, so it is not surprising that people are consuming more pot than before.

It’s hard to distract yourself from the current situation. Almost everywhere we go people are wearing masks, practicing social distancing, and talking about vaccinations. It’s a constant reminder that there is a deadly virus spreading across the globe.

Growing weed, especially for the first time, takes dedication. It can be a lot of fun harvesting quality weed, and it is a great way to take a break from what is going on in the real world. If you are feeling lonely, you can talk with your plants every day to help them grow!

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Keep in mind that pandemics don’t last forever, so wouldn’t it be nice to have a new skill once the virus is behind us? Understanding how to grow cannabis might even help you change your career path.

There are plenty of opportunities in the marijuana industry at the moment, and learning how to grow might help you get your foot in the door. Dispensaries are looking to employ budtenders, managers, and bud agents, while commercial grow operations are sometimes looking for master growers.

If you are tired of your current job, it might be a good idea to see if there are any positions in the cannabis industry that you might like doing.

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