Is Mighty Still The Best Portable Vaporizer?

Is Mighty Still The Best Portable Vaporizer?

Every day, more and more smokers are switching to vaporizing thanks to the flexibility vaporizers offer. Compared to other cannabis consumption methods, small vaporizers are portable enough to be discreetly taken and used anywhere. Moreover, brands such as Storz & Bickel, Arizer, PAX, and Airvape offer vaporizers with different mechanics and designs that cater to […]

Top 10 Best Weed Vaporizers on the Market

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Unlike smoking, weed vaporizers only heat up the material to a certain degree that the plant does not get burned and releases all the potent vapors. This way, it does not stink or give out unsettling feeling in your throat. But that is only true for the good-quality devices. So, to help you get the […]

Wax Vaporizers Vs Dry Herb Vaporizers | Know the Difference

Wax Vaporizers Vs Dry Herb Vaporizers

Initially, vaporizers were invented exclusively for dry herbs only but as the time elapsed the devices were upgraded. Now, there are tons of different types of vaporizers on the market and it can pretty be confusing to choose at first especially for the beginners. Therefore, we have put together all the important information regarding wax […]

How to Vape Cannabis Flowers

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Both recreational and medicinal marijuana users are increasingly favoring vaping over smoking. This is informed by the dangers of smoking to our respiratory systems. Vaping is a healthier option for people of all ages. Some experienced marijuana users are hesitant to switch to vaping; they wonder if vaporizing flowers will have the same effect as […]

3 Reasons to Invest in a Desktop Vaporizer

Volcano Digit Desktop Vaporizer

Most herb enthusiasts have tested out a portable vaporizer at least once in their lives. In fact, that’s an understatement as many users have quit using traditional smoking methods altogether in favor of switching to a vape. Portable herb and concentrate vaporizers came to prominence around 2006. And now in 2019, there is a huge […]

What You Should Know About Vaping Cannabis and How You Can Get Started

How You can benefit from Vaping Cannabis with Common Herbs-marijuana kief

Part 1: Why vaping is better than smoking Cannabis Part 2: How to start vaping Cannabis Part 3: Picking a Vaporizer for your Cannabis Needs Haven’t heard about vaping Cannabis? Not even sure what ‘vaping’ is? Well, there is a good reason why you are in the dark and in this guide I am going […]