The Bud Affair

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Ours was not loved at first sight. In fact, I was very indifferent towards you on that first introduction.

Ugly stories about you have been imprinted in my mind and will not likely change or so I thought. Your popularity in the underworld and controversial status is just too much for me to handle. Not my cup of tea.

But fate indeed has its way of changing the tide. The daily confrontations have slowly opened up my narrow mind. Slowly but surely, my negative impression of you has been put aside. First impressions, after all, don’t last.

Seeing your true colors, I slowly realized how naive I am to take you based on the stories I’ve heard that have been handed down from generation to generation. But despite all the change of mind, I still have that reservation about you though, especially that every now and then some negative issues are being thrown at you. Being on your side is just against all odds. Too rough and risky and can be tiresome and hopeless especially in a place like ours.

At times, it made me think this isn’t just working.

But then my conscience tells me why should you believe baseless allegations when you know the truth backed by evidence. Oh, life! Why are they hunting you? Why do they hate you so much?

Well I guess, they are just afraid to accept the fact that you are indeed too good to be true. And all the attention will be yours once everyone accepts you for who and what you are. I wish they will be more kind to you and allow you to have your proper place. But then again, all I can do is just wish and raise my head up to heaven.  

A happy ending may be too far and vague but I know one day everyone will see that you deserve a place in the society and you are not a menace. …  You will earn their respect and affection.

For now, I will contend myself on expressing my fondness of you in these intimate photos of You.

And this is my Bud Affair…

cannabis - Legal or Illegal

Controversy surrounds you and I thought meeting you isn’t just worth my time…

Medical marijuana

Things changed, as I learned truths about You…

Having you is just against all odds. Everyone wants a piece of you.

They are always chasing You… If only they will open their heart and mind and accept the truth that you are not any different than the others. We all have good and bad sides. But the good far outweighs the bad. And we all come from the same maker after all.

Such calmness you exude. I bet, it will be a stress-free life for everyone who gets a taste of you.

A long day can be very frustrating and exhausting, but nothing is more inviting than to relax and chill with you at the end of my day. If only they knew…

I can get intoxicated with you once in awhile… But not something to worry about…

You always stand out in the crowd and turn heads. I guess that’s why they are after you.

Miracles happen everyday because of you. If only they will see your potential.

A bowl of you would be too much… But sharing it with friends makes it worthwhile and liberating.

Blending in so easily. That’s because you truly belong – Nature’s gift.

No matter how much they contain you… They’ll never succeed for long…

They may burn you but it won’t hurt you… In fact, it only made you more powerful…

The other side of you…. Fresh and beautifully mesmerizing.

Coming out with you can be nerve-racking and can land me in jail but someone has to step up for you.

There your are in the light… Someday soon everyone will see your real goodness.

No matter how you change your form, your distinct character flows.

Reflecting the beauty in you.

Coming out green and fresh just as nature made you.

Returning to nature with you…

Tasty and healthy treats with you to cap it all…

You are crushed but you remain strong…

Up close and personal…

Such beauty to behold…

You always make my day…

No matter what, I will always hold on to you until everyone sees the real you. And when that time comes, everyone will be wanting to be with you.

Do you have your own bud affair story?

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Penny Lane

Penny Lane

Writing is not my passion. But there are things that I am passionate about and that's when my pen gets into work to bring my message,

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