Greendorphin World News Episode #11 Uruguay Cannabis News Featuring Laura Blanco

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Being the first country to allow sales of adult-use cannabis on a national level – Uruguay has a lot of interesting people that we can learn from as the progress of cannabis legalization spreads worldwide.

In today’s 11th episode of Greendorphin’s world news, Druglawed documentary director Arik Reiss, interviews one of the leading campaigners for cannabis legalization in Uruguay – Laura Blanco of the Uruguayan Association for the study of cannabis.

Blanco explains in the video, how the marijuana movement manifestations started back in 2005 in this small South American country and how they organized the first cannabis march here in 2007, which was supported by a huge crowd.

Cannabis was legalized in the country in December 2013 under its former president Jose Mujica after a decade of lobbying spearheaded by the Uruguayan Association for the study of cannabis.

Along with the passage of the cannabis law reform, Uruguayans were allowed to grow marijuana after a process of registration with the government. One of these registered growers was Alejandra Pintos Lucas of Cannabis Collective who was featured in our 9th episode

Blanco further recounts their call for more and more people to grow the plant as this will make it harder for the authorities to arrest them. Let’s now hear it from Laura Blanco herself in Arik’s interview with her:

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