Top 5 Tips to Vape Safely

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As a starter, when you take on vaping you will most likely feel so excited and overwhelmed at the same time. It is natural and normal for every vape user.

Everything has some important details attached to it, so is vaping and it is recommended to learn about these attributes before fully engaging in your vaping activity. Make sure it doesn’t serve as a hindrance or rather scare you off from vaping.

With time, patience and practice, you will understand how to handle your vape safely and use it for its optimal performance.

With this in mind and with the below tricks and tips, you will discover how to use your vape safely and effectively.

Top 5 Tips to Vape Safely

Ensure you disassemble your tool every night

Mere looking at this, it seems like an irrelevant and very pointless duty, but you will get to understand why it is important by the end of this write-up.

You will form a very good routine if you get used to taking off your vape tank or your atomizer, most especially when it is filled up with e-liquid.

This way, it is easy to prevent any unnecessary spills and links. The performance of your device can get affected or it can even stop working if its button or battery get in contact with the juice. Yes, e-juice sillage on the battery or buttons of your vape is not a good idea.

After spending your hard-earned money on purchasing a vape, you wouldn’t want to see this happening especially right at the beginning.
If you do just this you can be sure to enjoy your vaping for a long time to come.

Avoid cracking

Some honest vape retailers will give you this warning when you are purchasing your device while some others may not. This is popularly known, especially by the vaping society that vape tanks are not equally created. Some vapes work with any kind of e-juices while others may only work with selected types. So not all juices can be used in some stone tanks.

If you use a juice that is not suitable for your tank it might warp or crack. The most disreputable culprits of this are the cinnamon and menthol e-liquids. This mainly affects starters though because most starter’s kits come with plastic tanks. If you want to enjoy all kinds of juices then it is advisable that you upgrade your tank to a glass one.

Disposable Vape Pen

Maintenance of juice

There is more to learn about e-liquids and there are things that you ought to do than just purchasing and vaping them.

Have you ever thought of shaking your e-liquid well before vaping it? Try it out from today! It helps to ensure that the mixture of PG\VG in the e-liquid is mixed properly. You will have a nicer vaping experience if you do so.

Also make sure you keep your e-liquids in a safe place, away from direct sunlight, especially if it contains nicotine. Direct sunlight may reduce the concentration of your nicotine and can leave you with a less desirable vaping experience.

Finally, your bottle of e-liquid shouldn’t be left open for too long. You can let it breathe a little, particularly if its flavor is too intense for your linkings, but allowing the bottles to stay open for a long period of time will cause your e-liquid to sacrifice its flavor. Generally speaking, 30 minutes or more is too much for a bottle of e-liquid to be open.

The batteries

In the puzzle of vaping, usually, the batteries are the most essential elements. Whether you are making use of the $200 box mod or a starter kit pen, it doesn’t really matter.

Let’s get started with the batteries for starters first!!

Some devices have a feature of showing you the charge level of the battery, which is usually indicated with color codes of the battery’s button. If you see that the battery of your vape is getting low and about to die, charge it before it dies. Never use it until it completely dies, this will ensure that you get more out of your battery in the long term.

Some beginners have ego or 510 threading, which connects the vape cartridge to the battery. Do not tighten this too much to avoid damage to your device and its battery.

When the battery is fully charged, unplug it as keeping it on the charger longer might decrease the lifespan of your battery.

Now, for those of you using mods that utilize 18650 or 26650 batteries, they are a lot more powerful than the batteries in the starters, so be sure not to overtask them. These batteries could handle many current amps and if not used properly can result in disastrous outcomes.

Never let your battery to heat up too much as it is usually the indication of something isn’t right. If that happens to you, turn your device off and find out what the issue might be.

As a general rule, keep your batteries in a safe place avoid direct contact with sunlight as it might cause them to explode.

vape pens with 510 thread

Purchase from a trusted source

One of the ways to vape safely is by using high-class vaping substances from high-class sources. Generally speaking, the less you pay for something the lower the quality you can expect and that is surely true for vaping. By purchasing cheap devices and cartridges may save you some money at the beginning but you will be jeopardising your vaping experience and ultimately risking your health and safety in the long run.

Always do your research, read online reviews and ensure you only buy from sellers that have high authority in their niche and can be trusted.

Bigdaddysmoke is an example of a brand you can purchase from, so make the right choice!


As you can see, things that may seem pointless are actually very-very important like, disassembling of your device regularly, charging the battery before it dies, shaking your e-liquids properly before using them, keeping the battery in a safe place to avoid direct contact with the sun and so on.

If you follow these points your vaping life and experience will not only be safer and smarter but more enjoyable.

These are my top 5 tips to vape safely, hope you enjoyed them and make good use of them. If you have any more tips or comments to share please let me know in the comments section below.



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