Why Do You Want to Use a Pipe Screen in Your Glass Pipe?

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If you are a regular cannabis smoker, you will probably know about all kinds of smoking gear you need. Glass pipes are the most popular option for newbies and seasoned smokers. They are portable and easy to use, so you never have to worry about the learning curve.

Not to mention, pipes are perfect for solo sessions and sharing with fellow weed lovers. It wouldn’t be a surprise if you find a few of them in your collection.

Even as pipes seem to be a very popular pick, you may not like one thing about them. If you pull too hard while smoking, burnt herb and ash may get sucked through the pipe and reach your mouth at some point.

It can spoil the entire experience, and there are good chances that it may happen even with the most seasoned user.

Thankfully, a pipe screen can save you from trouble. Let us explain how it works and why you must use it.

What Is A Pipe Screen?

Before you gear up for your cannabis session, you need to have a checklist ready, and it is easy to overlook something small as a pipe screen.

It is an accessory you can use for preventing clogging, resin buildup, and pull through in your smoking gear, such as hand pipes and glass bowls.

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These screens are made of stainless steel, but you can find ones in other materials such as glass, quartz, brass, and titanium.

They come in different sizes and designs, so you will not have a problem finding a perfect fit for your pipe or device.

How To Use It?

Once you have the accessory at hand, you will understand how well it works to enhance your experience. Initially, you may be confused about how to put a screen in a glass pipe, but you will be comfortable sooner than you imagine.

Screens are made of malleable metal, and you only need to press it into the pipe until it fits into the bowl. Just ensure that it covers the hole.

Also, brush the screen clean before fitting it to avoid clogging. Changing metal screens once a month is a good idea.

Why Should You Use It?

When it comes to smoking cannabis, experience matters the most. After all, it’s the reason you spend on stash and gear.

A pipe screen can go a long way in enhancing your experience as it prevents the ash clumps from getting into your mouth while you inhale. It also keeps the pipe cleaner, so you can avoid the effort to clean or replace it often.

You can even fit a screen in your bong and bubbler to keep the water clean. It does not cost a lot but can elevate your experience and keep your device in shape.

If you are a discerning cannabis smoker, experience is probably on top of your checklist. A pipe screen is a tiny and inexpensive investment you must definitely make.

Change it often and have the best sessions every time you smoke.

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