Israel Adesanya

UFC Champ KO’s Pot Laws

Reigning UFC Middleweight champion Israel Adesanya has been known to inhale. And, as with his explosive rise up the ranks of the world’s premier combat sports promotion the Ultimate Fighting Championship, he has just taken … Read more

True OG Strain - cannabis strains for focus - CBD strain

5 Unique Names for Cannabis Products

Part of the “fun” of talking with someone else about cannabis is all of the terminology associated with these products. You can easily mix slang with scientific or technical terms without anyone raising an eyebrow. … Read more

Canadian Marijuana Dispensaries / Shops for cannabis beginners

The Status of Canadian Marijuana Dispensaries in 2020

According to an industry article of spring 2020, Health Canada continued its review of cannabis licenses and security clearance applications throughout the COVID-19 quarantine. But for businesses awaiting their new dispensary license or security clearance, … Read more