Cannabis Behind the World’s Top Hedge Funds – 145% Growth

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Cannabis stocks have contributed significantly to the 145% gain produced by a hedge fund, Tribeca Global Natural Resources Fund.

2016 wasn’t a particularly good year for hedge funds and Cannabis stocks helped Tribeca to rise to the top, among the 10,000 or so hedge funds that are tracked by Preqin, a New York-based data provider.

Tribeca is a USD 200 million fund managed by Australian Ben Clearly, and co-manager Craig Evans, and coming out on the top in this game is a pretty big deal.

Cash from Cannabis

Following the US elections, now there are 30 states where cannabis is legal for medical or recreational use, while the federal government keeps the herb a Schedule 1 drug.

The new Attorney General, Jeff Sessions made many in the Cannabis industry worried due to his history of supporting cannabis prohibition in the past.

There are still plenty of obstacles on the horizon for cannabis businesses. Getting proper banking services being one of the larger ones that are due to federal cannabis prohibition.

Despite the uncertainty with the Cannabis policies of the new US administration, the industry has been growing and Ben Clearly trusts that the will of the citizens will be respected by the federal government.
He was quoted by, saying “People have voted with their feet at the ballot box…”

The ‘Cannabis industry’ is likely to grow to US$ 20 billion in 5 years time.
Bloomberg noted that after hitting revenues of US$ 6.7 billion in 2016, the ‘Cannabis industry’ is likely to grow to US$ 20 billion in 5 years time and reach as much as US$ 50 billion by 2026.

These numbers are encouraging and Tribeca’s success with cannabis companies will surely attract a lot of attention to the entire cannabis sector. Hedge funds circling around an industry is not always good news as they can make money on the fall of an industry as well. However, for the foreseeable future, it looks like they aren’t interested in shorting the cannabis companies at this point in time.

We have reported about Canadian Cannabis companies’ profits skyrocketing and the trend of financial success of cannabis companies seem to continue.

As the world wakes up to the therapeutic effects of Cannabis, it also provides the financial growth that the world needs desperately.

As the world wakes up to the therapeutic effects of Cannabis, the plant seems to have effects beyond medicine by providing the financial growth that the world needs desperately.

How do you see the huge financial effect of the cannabis industry over the apprehensions of many governments of adopting marijuana law reforms?

Let us know your views in the comments below. 

Krisztian Panczel

Krisztian Panczel

I am stoked to be able to write for as I’ve been passionate about the Cannabis plant in its every form since I was 14 years old. I have a bachelor degree of Agricultural Science and have studied plant production for 8 years. Meanwhile, I learned so much about plants that it was hard to miss the outstanding (quite incredible) qualities of this hugely versatile plant. After university I went on to build a career and recently I had the opportunity to return to this most passionate area of my life and have been writing about a wide variety of topics on Cannabis and Hemp.

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