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One of the possible ways of delivering the health benefits of Cannabis has been gaining popularity over the last few years.

You can now enjoy the medical benefits of your herb anywhere and anytime with the help of Cannabis Patches.

What are Cannabis Patches?

Cannabis patches are adhesive transdermal patches that conveniently attach to any types of skin and provide pain relief for an extended period without its usual psychoactive effects.

With an innovative patch form, full discretion is ensured when using Cannabis patches.

How Do Cannabis Patches Work?

Cannabis patches gradually release amounts of medication onto the skin and into the bloodstream over a period of time.

These transdermal patches should be situated in a venous area of the skin for better absorption.
Unlike cannabis topical creams, cannabis patches go through all 7 layers of the skin and penetrate the bloodstream directly.

These patches provide a systematic relief instead of the usually localized relief given by topical creams.

Permeation enhancers and carriers are additives used in cannabis patches to allow the medication to penetrate the skin and directly deliver it to the bloodstream.

Our skin is designed to prevent any foreign objects from entering our body and without these additives, cannabinoids from cannabis patches will not be able to penetrate the epidermis.

Skin layers where cannabis patch penetrates

However, Cannabis patches do not work as fast as smoking or vaporizing does and not as slow as taking it orally.

Typically, transdermal patches come in two dosages, 10mg and 20mg.

Some who prefer lower dosage cuts the patch into a half. While others who prefer a higher dosage, wear two or three Cannabis patches at the same time.

Types of Cannabis Patches

THCa – extracted from Tetrahydrocannabinolic Acid. It offers relief for muscular diseases and inflammation. And researchers are now looking into using this type of patch in possibly curbing malignancy.

CBN – or Cannabinol has multiple uses. It is being used in relieving pain and treating insomnia, convulsions, inflammation and also used to stimulate appetite.

CBD – also known as Cannabidiol. This is an anti-psychotropic patch that provides treatment for epilepsy and effective aid for depression and relieving chronic pain.

Cannabis for pain relief

What are the Benefits of Cannabis Patches?

Ultimate Discretion. Since Cannabis patches are placed in any area of the skin, they can be fully hidden in the public’s eye. Also, given that they are in a patch form, no one can suspect that these are Cannabis medications.

Easy to Use. For relieving and treating various health concerns, simply unpack your Cannabis patches, attach it to any venous part of the skin for better absorption and you are ready to receive the Cannabis plant’s medical benefits.

Highly Potent. As mentioned above, Cannabis patches utilize permeation enhancers to deliver cannabinoids directly into the bloodstream, penetrating through layers of the epidermis.

With this process, cannabinoids are highly absorbed by our bodies, providing utmost relief and treatment of various health concerns.

Cannabis patch work directly into the bloodstream

Extended Relief Period. With the ability to gradually release amounts of medication to the bloodstream over a period of time, Cannabis patches, provide 8 to 12 hours of relief. This means that patients don’t have to get up during the night to re-medicate.

Non-psychoactive. Unlike other ways of consuming marijuana, Cannabis patches do not make you high. And this is perfect for users who need to relieve pain and at the same time highly functioning and productive.

This will also lessen the munchies, the common urge to eat when high on Cannabis.

Accurate Dosage. Taking marijuana edibles, smoking or vaping can give different effects with each consumption. Like when making a batch of marijuana brownies, it is difficult to ensure its uniformity in dosage, one bar can get you higher than the other.

While when using Cannabis patches, accurate dosage becomes common sense.

Get Patched Today!

Medical marijuana has been part of the lives of many patients, and it has been changing lives around the world.

And now, a growing number of patients proved its effectiveness in delivering the most effective relief and treatment for various health concerns.

Given its organic properties and the fact that Cannabis is the least harmful medication, it is set to gain more and more popularity around the world.

And with the new innovation in getting the most out of our precious herb, more and more MMJ patients can conveniently enjoy its health benefits.

Have you used a cannabis patch before for pain relief?

Share your experience below.

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