Cannabis Weight Loss – Can Cannabis Help Fight Obesity

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Cannabis has been part of our history for many years and has been sharing its benefits with thousands of people all throughout the globe. One of which is its significant contributions to medicine. Medical marijuana is now widely used to provide relief in various health conditions.

One of the least known but trending benefits that Cannabis provides is its ability to fight obesity. Although Cannabis is known to cause appetite stimulation, also known as “the munchies”, a published evaluation of the Innovations in Clinical Neuroscience shows the impact of Cannabis in body weight, which also explains how it can help prevent obesity. Notably, based on their evaluation, Cannabis users are often found to have lower body mass index compared to non-users. This means that Cannabis users weigh lighter for their given height.

Benefits of Vaporizing

How does Cannabis Really help in fighting Obesity?

Behavioural and Physical Effects

Based on a study conducted at San Diego State University and Cornell by researchers, behavioural changes occur when people are under the effects of Cannabis. For young people using Cannabis, they are less likely to consume alcohol which is much higher in calorie content.

For older individuals, the effects are more physical, medical marijuana encourages an increase in physical mobility, which is relative to weight loss.

Physical effects of Cannabis are also remarkable for the endurance of athletes taking the herb. With the isolated active ingredients of marijuana, THC and CBD, athletes tend to have an increase in their pain threshold and can push themselves to their limits during training. And this leads to a more physically fit athlete.

athletes use cannabis

You can read more about why sports athletes use cannabis here.

Appetite Suppressant

Cannabis use has been known to induce food craving. However, there are cannabis strains that can actually suppress appetite, such strains contain the cannabinoid THCV, or tetrahydrocannabivarin, and terpene Humulene. Cannabis strains that are high in THCV and Humulene have a natural appetite suppressing power, that would definitely aid in fighting obesity.

Cannabis strains that contain high levels of THCV are most common in Sativa dominant strains. One of which is an African Sativa, called Durban Poison. Others, from the Sativa family, are Doug’s Varin and Pineapple Purps, these are specifically bred to have high levels of THCV.

cannabis and obesity

For high-level Humulene content, you can try Tahoe OG and Master Kush. Both give high sedative effects too.

Hybrid strains are also available, such as Cherry Pie, these strains contain high levels of both THCV and Humulene.

High-Fat Diet

How about THC? This cannabinoid is known to induce appetite. However, a research shows that THC has weight-loss properties, that can help fight obesity. By using a high-fat diet on obese mice, researchers found that weight gain was reduced compared to those who were not given Cannabis, while on the same high-fat diet program. So, even if you’re taking Cannabis strains with high levels of THC, as long as the munchies would be a high-fat diet, weight gain will no longer be your concern.

High Fat food

Cannabis Detox

Health enthusiasts are now going crazy over detoxing. It resets the body by removing unwanted toxins from the food we consume and ultimately from our body. Juicing fruits and vegetables is the most common way of detoxing. And recently, Cannabis users started juicing raw weed for their Cannabis detox program.

Cannabis may sound like an unusual ingredient for a smoothie, but it’s actually healthier than most other fruit and vegetable detox juices. And as any other detox juices, Cannabis juice detox will provide the same health benefits and prevent obesity without the usual high. And by juicing raw Cannabis, both THC-A and CBD-A will be present in the juice, allowing the user to consume all natural nutrients, unlike when smoking Cannabis as a joint.

How Can Cannabis Be Applied?

Rolled Joint

This is the traditional way of rolling a joint and smoking it. Probably it is the least healthy but, surely the simplest way to consume Cannabis and get its therapeutic effects. And once the effect kicks in, behavioural and physical change will occur to help you keeping that weight off.


A better alternative to smoking is vaporizing your herbs. Weight loss and healthy living go hand in hand with an active lifestyle. Even though smoking cannabis has never been proved to cause cancer, smoking isn’t really for athletes. Vaporizing does not have the unwanted side effects of smoking, such as coughing and losing breath. Also, while smoking burns the herbs and kills up to 90% of the cannabinoids, vaporizing keeps up to 90% of the cannabinoids active, when reaching your lungs. Huge difference, not only to your health but to the efficiency of your herbs as well.

Vaporizing cannabis for weight loss


Juicing Cannabis is one of the most effective ways to consume all its natural nutrients. This type of Cannabis preparation is perfect for those, who want to take it at higher doses but with the absence of its psychoactive effects.


Some Cannabis enthusiasts prefer their herb mixed with their favourite dishes instead of smoking or vaping it. And since they also use raw Cannabis when preparing these meals, all natural nutrients are fully ingested aiding them in fighting obesity.

Enjoy Being Healthy

So, instead of resorting to fad diets and expensive gym memberships, think about your precious stash first. And if you’re serious about incorporating medical marijuana into your diet, choose the specific strain you want and take your pick from the varieties of preparations that you can use. With all the health benefits Cannabis offers, you can lose those love handles in no time, while enjoying your herb.

Are you open to the idea of using cannabis for weight loss?

Share your thoughts and your experience with our community.

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