Does CBD Support Weight Loss?

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We know that weight loss is a constant struggle. And more often than not, the harder one tries to quit the unhealthy lifestyle, the deeper will be the cravings for junk and other “no good’ foods.

The fact is that the more you try to quit the twin demons of sugar and starch, the more appealing they become. This is something you’d experience the next time you take a bite out of that calorie loaded hamburger or take a sip from that sugary shake.

You know that some foods are hidden triggers for insulin secretion. And insulin is pretty much the single biggest fat storage hormone in existence as of today.

When you are trying to lose weight, the last thing that you want to do is to ‘store’ fat. But avoiding this is not easy at all. In fact, a person typically requires stone-cold determination and tremendous mental strength to stand up to, and against the terrible tyranny of such food items.

If you want to succeed at long-term weight loss, then it is imperative that you start a diet that reduces overall appetite – a diet that helps achieve longer-term results without subjecting the individual to the misery of suffering unrelenting hunger pangs. But for that you happen it is imperative that set about trying to increase your basal metabolic rate, substantially enough.

In a nutshell, the human metabolism is the biological process by which we can turn food into the energy we need and use for everyday activities. As a general rule, your metabolic rate is adjusted to suit the various needs and demands of the human body. But there are times when your body ends up storing far more food as fat than required.

How Does CBD Affect Human Metabolism?

There are many ways to lose weight, but CBD is now a revolutionary appetite suppressant. In fact, it is a weight loss aid that is taking the world by storm. Read on to find out more.

A couple of years ago, (in 2016 in fact) Korean scientists had conducted a research to test the effects of CBD on otherwise immature fat cells. They found that the cannabis-derived chemical could affect ‘browning’ in multiple different ways.

juicing aids in weight loss

Browning may be described as a process “through which energy-storing white fat is converted into a form of ‘brown’ energy expending fat.” The brown fat is almost always quite instrumental in the process of not just weight loss, but also the prevention of various heart-related diseases along with other associated health benefits.

CBD stimulates the production of proteins and other genes that are able to substantially enhance the breakdown as well as the subsequent oxidation of white fat into useful energy. Apart from that, it also has the added advantage of stimulating mitochondrial activity which also plays an active role in burning calories.

The final method through which CBD helps with substantial weight reduction is fat cell (re)generation. CBD with the help of its cannabinoid receptors can help metabolize various compounds absorbed from food.

Think of the relationship between the endocannabinoid system and the CBD as being roughly analogous to a ‘lock and key’ sort of relationship. Many research studies show that the endocannabinoid system is directly connected to metabolic functions and therefore it can both affect and even direct the production of insulin in the body.

To understand more about how our endocannabinoid system works, watch the below video with Dr John Teh, Cannabinoid Clinician explaining it in more details:

CBD can work better when paired with cardio exercises in cold weather. It will, in fact, work even faster because exercising in the cold makes your body work harder. When your body generates additional heat, you end up burning more calories in the process.

This approach to weight loss requires a lot more work and is therefore considered somewhat aggressive. But then, it is essentially based on scientific evidence that has been culled via various breakthrough research, as opposed to skimming multiple articles taken from myriad lifestyle magazines.

Ideal Dosage for CBD Products for Losing Weight

When it comes to deciding the ideal CBD dosage for increased weight loss, a few points should be taken into consideration. Such as the fact that should you consume high amounts of CBD, you might end up suffering from metabolic dysfunction, which will have a diametrically opposite effect on your entire weight loss regimen and can lead to a correspondingly higher appetite.

It is important that you should almost begin with small doses and then proceed to adjust constantly ever upwards until you experience the desired weight loss effects.

When starting your CBD weight loss regimen as a first time beginner you should be extra careful not to overindulge in any way. This is why it is prudent to begin treatment for your excess weight problem, with only the smallest dose that is possible.

In fact, it is better to have various small doses that are suitably spread throughout the whole day, than one massive dose. However, the dosage related requirements can easily vary from person to person. This is why the need of the hour is to maintain a specific dosage for the initial first few days. This way you can know if there are any real-world effects.

Similarly, some people prefer to combine CBD with other weight loss methods such as fat freezing and Liposuction. Innovative fat freezing or CoolSculpting to get rid of stubborn fat is becoming increasingly popular and the results have been transformative.


In a nutshell, you should see no effects if dosage increase is in order. If there are adverse effects, scale down the dosage to ensure that you gain benefits from this revolutionary treatment to the best possible extent.

Judy Robinson

Judy Robinson

Judy Robinson is a passionate health and lifestyle blogger. She loves to write on healthy lifestyle, fitness 101 and DIY related topics.

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