Marijuana Legalization Movement Also Gives Rise to the Haters: Be Careful What You Read

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While the Marijuana Legalization Movement is picking up pace around the world, it has also given rise to the voice of those who are opposed to its use. We are seeing articles splashed across the media, some not on very reputable resources and some which seem to be grabbing at any signs to make a case against Cannabis.

Don’t get me wrong – I believe in science. There is always a hypothesis and there are always two sides to everything. There is a place to discuss concerns about Cannabis indeed and there has been no shortage of studies in the US to prove marijuana harmful.

On the other hand, I am writing this article as a warning to everyone who is following and consuming the media both pro and against Cannabis. Be very careful and selective of what you read and believe.

Be Careful Of What You Read

Rapid Legalization Gives Rise to the Haters

From an increase of dogs getting sick from eating Cannabis to a rise in car crashes in one state – even if there is some solid evidence in these stories, most of the time it’s due to the fact of irresponsible use of Cannabis.

Just like any medication, therapy or substance, you must always be responsible with your use, storage and actions.

These stories are only now being spread on the web because of the reality that Marijuana legalization IS happening and those apposed want to stop it.

What to watch out for when reading the media:

  • Is the article published on a reputable domain and is the content questionable?
  • Is there research, scientific resources and back up to the claims?
  • What is the domain’s overall intention and subject- are they pro or against or non biased?

Scientific research is literally pumping out one exciting news story after another about Cannabis and its medical potentials.

They may use scary headlines to portray Cannabis negatively, stats are taken out of context and blown up. Facts from a positive report can often be taken out of context and twisted for a negative headline.

Some headlines sound like if they were from the 70’s propaganda campaign while when you click through you find out you have been tricked…

For the Media… It’s about playing the game so readers beware.

But Isn’t Greendorphin The Media?

Here at Greendorphin, I will admit we are advocates for Marijuana legalization as well as the responsible use of it. However we are always keeping up to date on research and ensure our articles are backed by fact and the truth.

We are also committed to bringing you an education about Cannabis as a whole, the good, the great and the ugly.

Of course we are well aware of the key science- based issues which are being discussed. Problems such as:

  • Cannabis abuse in young people can cause long term psychological/neurological damage
  • Overuse or Overdosing can impact your memory
  • Lack of productivity and motivation
  • Addiction ( 9% of users only)

These types of problems only usually occur due to irresponsible use of Cannabis.

The Key To Living A Balanced Lifestyle

Just like anything in life, moderation and awareness is the key to living a balanced lifestyle and this is the same for Cannabis.

We have discussed all the great benefits you can enjoy with moderate use of Cannabis in,  Discover How the Benefits of Cannabis Can Lead to a Healthy Lifestyle.

By the end of the day, the fact of the matter is that everything can be and unfortunately most likely will be abused. We can get overweight on healthy, nutritious food if we take in more calories than our body burns.

Cannabis should be consumed responsibly every time, without exception.

Lastly, everyone in this world is different, everyone has a different tolerance, reaction and genes which mean you may react differently to cannabis. Some may be more prone to addiction while others aren’t, people may find the effects of Cannabis stimulate different responses compared to others and some may have a negative response compared to those who have a good experience.

Anyone deciding to use Cannabis for one reason or another, it is a great idea to learn as much as possible about the options, and make sure to develop habits that are serving not only on the short, but also on the long term.

We believe in providing education on Cannabis on to ensure everyone can learn about this plant and its medical properties.

Have you encountered hoaxes about marijuana legalization over the media?

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Krisztian Panczel

Krisztian Panczel

I am stoked to be able to write for as I’ve been passionate about the Cannabis plant in its every form since I was 14 years old. I have a bachelor degree of Agricultural Science and have studied plant production for 8 years. Meanwhile, I learned so much about plants that it was hard to miss the outstanding (quite incredible) qualities of this hugely versatile plant. After university I went on to build a career and recently I had the opportunity to return to this most passionate area of my life and have been writing about a wide variety of topics on Cannabis and Hemp.

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