Surprising Uses for CBD

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The use of CBD is growing in popularity among all age groups and genders as more benefits are being uncovered.

Some of the most common uses for CBD include reducing stress and anxiety, treating chronic pain, and helping those suffering from insomnia.

But these aren’t the only ways that CBD can benefit your life. Read on to discover some lesser-known and surprising uses for CBD that might transform the way you thought about this versatile herb.

Improves the Health of Your Skin

The beauty industry has a projected market value of over $8 billion by 2023. And it’s no real surprise considering men and women are constantly searching for the fountain of youth.

One of the first signs of aging occurs in the face. Wrinkles, fine lines, and crows feet are all significant signs of aging that people are constantly trying to reverse. CBD may actually help improve the appearance of your skin and can even help treat acne.

CBD oil is a natural anti-inflammatory which is why it’s so helpful for those suffering from arthritis and similar conditions. It’s these anti-inflammatory components that are said to help reduce and eliminate the appearance of acne.

Cannabis Beauty Products

CBD is also said to reduce the body’s production of an oily substance in the skin called sebum. Sebum is beneficial for lubricating skin and hair but in excess, it can cause oily skin and unwanted breakouts. But you don’t need to be an acne sufferer to take advantage of CBD’s benefits.

CBD also contains antioxidants which may offer those magic, high-sought after anti-aging benefits. Next time you purchase a product or skin serum, check the label to see if it contains CBD.

Helps You Kick Bad Habits

Did you know that nearly 70% of smokers want to quit and have tried to quit at least once without success?

There’s an entire market geared toward kicking this habit from gum to patches to pills and even hypnosis and acupuncture. One thing that some smokers never thought to try but should consider is CBD to help wean off of, and eventually quit smoking cigarettes.

Surprising Uses for CBD

Although this theory isn’t scientifically proven, it’s suggested that smokers who inhaled CBD each time they craved a cigarette, experienced fewer nicotine cravings. While some may argue that the CBD inhaler simply replaced cigarettes for the smoker, is this such a bad thing? After all, nicotine causes a long list of health complications including lung cancer, emphysema, and COPD just to name a few.

CBD, if anything, benefits users and isn’t reported to cause any additional health complications. So why not replace your cigarette with a CBD inhaler and kick that dirty habit once and for all?

Good for Your Pets

The benefits of CBD aren’t reserved for just humans. CBD and CBD oil can help treat certain ailments in dogs and other animals the same way they do in humans.

Dogs experience arthritis, chronic pain, and are diagnosed with cancer almost as frequently as humans. CBD can help treat all of these things and more in your pet. And just as in humans, CBD and CBD oil contains minimal levels of THC which means your dog won’t experience any psychoactive effects.

3 Alternative Pain Treatment Options for Dogs

It’s important to check with your dog’s veterinarian before administering CBD, especially if they’re taking any other medications.

Other conditions that CBD can help your pet tackle include epilepsy, weight issues, and inflammatory bowel disease. Anxiety is another common problem in dogs who become nervous or are easily excitable when around other dogs or people.

CBD is administered to animals in the same way it is to humans. You can click here for more information.

Treats Neurological Disorders

Neurological disorders affect a person’s nervous system and can cause seizures and other complications with muscle and nerve function. Neurological disorders are also associated with cognitive degeneration as found in Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease.

Although research is still being done on how exactly CBD can help, evidence shows that the breakdown of the nervous system and its effect on cognitive function is related to inflammation.

Cannabis Help Your Brain

Neurological disorders are also marked by the loss of neurons in specific regions of the brain. It’s still unclear whether or not CBD can help reverse these conditions but it may help reduce inflammation combat prolonged effects of dementia and other disorders that impair cognitive function.

Quells a Queasy Stomach

You’ve already learned that CBD can quell irritable bowel syndrome in your dog, but it may offer some benefits for the human stomach as well.

In fact, CBD may actually help treat nausea in some patients better than prescription medications designed to achieve the same results. An interesting element to this equation is that the small traces of THC found in CBD (generally .3% or less) are actually what helps treat nausea.

THC quells feelings of nausea and may stop a patient from vomiting by binding to cannabinoid CB1 receptors. But other components in CBD also interact with serotonin receptors, reducing the feeling of nausea in some users.

One reason behind this is that nausea in the body is not only connected to your gastrointestinal system but also to your nervous system. Evidence shows that CBD can positively impact nervous system functionality. CBD is also proven to reduce anxiety, which in some patients, may cause chronic nausea.

CBD vs. THC Concentration

These are only a few of the lesser-known benefits that CBD and CBD oil offer users. As more research is being done and more people are able to separate the difference between CBD and THC, it’s becoming more widely accepted. More benefits are being uncovered daily.

One discovery about CBD often opens doors and uncovers new and innovative information about additional ways CBD can be used for good. It’s important to stay up to date on new laws and regulations regarding the legality of CBD and its use but to also keep an open mind to its many healing properties.

For further information on CBD and THC watch the below video with Dr John Teh, Cannabinoid Clinician explaining how these most well-known compounds of cannabis work in our body:

Kim Taylor

Kim Taylor

Kim Taylor is a mother, wife, freelance writer, and lover of all things natural and holistic. When she isn't writing or spending time with family, Kim enjoys yoga, meditation, and experiencing nature.

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