4 Tips for Using Cannabis to Alleviate Your Mental Illness

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With recent discoveries of cannabis medical benefits, more states throughout the US and countries around the globe are legalizing the use of marijuana altogether.

While cannabis has been known to treat glaucoma, seizures, and even symptoms of diseases such as Parkinson’s, it can also assist with treating mental illnesses and chemical imbalances in the brain.

Whether you suffer from depression, anxiety, Bipolar disorder, or another mental illness, cannabis may work to help alleviate symptoms while allowing you to enjoy a sense of normalcy in your everyday life again.

Compare Your Options

Compare the options you have available to you when it comes to cannabis. Determine whether or not you will benefit from an Indica strain, which is typically used for sleep, pain relief, and anxiety relief, or a Sativa.

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Sativa strains are known for their mood-lifting powers and their ability to inspire and spark creativity in users. There are also hybrid cannabis strains, which include a combination of both Sativa and Indica strains.

Not all strains of marijuana are optimal for mental illness, which is why it is essential to become familiar with your options before choosing which is ideal for your needs.

Before you begin using cannabis to alleviate your mental illness, it is important to speak with your doctor. Your doctor can determine whether cannabis is the right path for you and may be able to provide additional strain options depending on the signs and symptoms you are looking to reduce or eliminate.

Start Small

Whenever you are using cannabis for the first time, start small and work your way up to using more. Avoid building your marijuana tolerance too fast by using as little as possible to get the relief you are seeking.

Talk to your doctor and those at the cannabis stores to see what works best for you.

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Journaling the Process

Journal how cannabis makes you feel each time you use it medicinally. Track and monitor the symptoms you want to alleviate or eliminate using your journal. Determine which cannabis strains and methods of use work best for your mind and body.

Create a Safe and Designated Area to Consume Cannabis

Always use cannabis in a designated area or room that is safe and comfortable, especially when you are new to medicating with marijuana.

Inform a friend or a loved one that you are using marijuana as you become familiar with and accustomed to cannabis in your body.

Knowing how to use cannabis to alleviate signs and symptoms caused by your mental illness is one way to regain control over your life.

With the right medicinal regimen and an understanding of various cannabis strains, choose a solution that is right for you and one that works best to alleviate your mental illness each day.

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