Best Herbs to Vaporize for Lung Health

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People now recognize vapes like they never did before. There has been so much advancement and growth in the field that the technology that would once freak people out, is now mainstream.

Instead of doubting whether the claims of manufacturers about the experience being similar to cigarette without carrying its side effects is true or not.

Vape Fame: Good or Bad?

Now, you can see much more vapes in public than you once did and honestly you wonder whether it is a good thing that people are moving away from cigarettes or a bad thing that they are now addicted to vaping.

Well, the answer depends on how you look at it. If you understand that vaping is a great way to fight against the harmful effects of cigarettes, then you will be glad that people are taking the leap from cigarettes to vapes.

However, if you adopt a different outlook. One that suggests that vaping acts as a stepping stone to cigarette smoking for youngsters around the world, then you might see a very different and alarming trend emerging.

Scenarios Where Vape is Only Good:

Even if you did not before, you now understand that vapes can have two sides to the single cigarette story.

However, given the revolutionary technology that vaping is, there are also cases whereby vaping will only have a positive look. These are cases where vaporizers are implemented for medical reasons. These are cases where you can vape your medicines instead of getting them injected into your body.

This not only helps people take medicines without any pain but also helps people that have a fear of those needles.

However, one could wonder whether even for use only for medicinal purposes, whether vapes have no negative perspective. This controversial image arises given the legalization of marijuana and cannabis in various parts of the world.

With the use of special vaporizers, cannabis can be vaped and people are wondering whether the ease of getting high should be allowed. The bottom line, however, is that cannabis retail is strictly monitored everywhere and there is little room for substance abuse.

Besides, cannabis is not the only herb that you could vaporize to inhale. There are plenty of other herbs that you could vaporize and people around the world indeed do vaporize them for their medicinal reasons.

But, the question that you need to ask is why you would want to vaporize herbs instead of smoking them. So, let’s answer that first.

Why Vaporize?

One of the most common reasons and perhaps the most important that you will come across for people vaping their herbs, instead of eating or smoking it are the health concerns.

You see, when you smoke a herb, you have to roll it in paper first which may or may not be good for your health. What is the most disturbing, however, is the fact that you will have to combust the herbs.

This combustion means that all the chemicals in your rolled herb will react with oxygen. Like in cigarettes, this will mean that several unwanted chemical compounds will be produced that are injurious to your health and will result in several health complications.

Furthermore, smoke is not good for your health. Smoke blocks your lungs and lowers your stamina which also makes you lazier.

Another reason that you would want to vape your herbs instead of smoking or eating them is that when you vape you get a better flavor profile. Not only this, but you also get a harder hit of the herb.

It has been proved through research that vaping unleashes almost double the content of what you get when smoking. So, if you want to get a harder hit and more dosage with less quantity, vaping is the way you should go.

Another reason why many people prefer vaping their herbs is the fact that it is so much easier to just vape your herbs. No worries about rolling it or carrying your lighter everywhere. You can just take your kit and herbs with you and prefill your chamber for whenever you want to vape.

Moreover, smoking your herbs in public is problematic because people realize that you are not just smoking a cigarette and grow apprehensive. Vapes, minimize the smoke produced and does not put the fact that you are vaping a herb out there. So, you do not have to worry about people being a problem.

Best Herbs to Vaporize:

Now that you know why vaping is better than smoking or eating your herbs, you should also be told what herbs are the best for your lung health.

Some of the most common herbs that are vapes around the world are:


Lavender is one of the most common herbs that people vape. You might already know lavender because of its great smell and therefore its use in several perfumes, but the pleasant smell that lavender has also extends to the vaping aroma that it puts out.

Arizer Solo Glass Mouthpiece and Lavender

Moreover, lavender also acts as a stress reliever for people and relaxes their anxieties. It has several medicinal qualities and people may use it to help them sleep better.


Although its legalization has been in debate for several years now, several countries are coming around to the idea that cannabis can really prove helpful with its medicinal qualities.

Moreover, rumors have been circulating for some time now that relate cannabis with cancer cures. For countries that have legalized cannabis, there is strict monitoring and a special focus on using these herbs for medicinal purposes. Cannabis has been known to have soothing effects on people and calms them down in case of anxiety attacks or nerve disorders. Cannabis is also known to have good impact on memory.


Often used in toothpastes, this herb is known worldwide. However, very few people know that eucalyptus is one of the many herbs that you could vape. When vaped, it releases a very pleasant aroma which is long-lasting. Eucalyptus has also been known to be helpful with flu and common cold and also helps in breathing disorders.


Peppermint is the most widely available herb in the market that you could vape. Easily available in grocery stores, you will often find peppermint being used in home-made dishes. The herb is very easy to grow in a plant pot and has a great smell.

The herb is also often used as mouth-freshener and in tea. So, this is one of the very few herbs that has great taste and aroma both. Plus, easy availability means it is extremely low cost.

Best Herbs to Vaporize


People often use this herb as a sedative and it has great relaxation qualities. It helps you sleep better, cures depression, nausea and also helps with mild fevers. You can easily use this herb for vaping and very soon you will notice that you are breathing better.

The herb also has great aroma and if you plan to vape around people, nobody will mind the smell.

How you can benefit from Vaping Cannabis with Common Herbs


Often placed next to pillows for their aroma, jasmine has been known to help people breathe better.
Moreover, Jasmine can be used to help with anxiety and helps relieve stress and also helps improve mood when you feel down.

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