3 Ways to Get a Healthy CBD Dose for Anxiety

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With the legalization of marijuana growing in many states, research about CBD has become expansive.

In that research, scientists are discovering the incredible health effects that CBD can provide. Anywhere from easing arthritic pain to soothing anxiety, CBD has helped a lot of people across the country.

Perhaps you’ve grown curious about how CBD can help control your own anxiety. You’ve chosen your cannabis dispensary but you’re unsure of exactly how to take your CBD.

There is quite a large amount of different ways to take your dose of CBD. This article will go over three of those ways.

How to Make Your Own THC Vaporizer Cartridges


One popular method for taking a dosage of CBD is through a vape pen. This method has especially become popular with the younger generation. Vape pens look cool, are easy to use, and can help to deliver your dosage of CBD quite effectively.

Ingesting CBD, even in a vapor form, can be a great way to help with your anxiety. This is because it allows the molecule to reside within your body and reach your brain. Anxiety occurs within the mind. By calming it with CBD, you can feel relief.

Health Benefits of CBD Oil

Oral Supplements

Another method that you might want to consider is taking an oral supplement. As with most prescriptions, you should always start with the lowest dosage possible.

You can see how your anxiety reacts to the low dosage. If it appears as though you need a higher dose, then you can take an additional oral supplement. You should always speak with your doctor first about your dosage and if it is working for you.

An oral supplement works similarly to vaping except that it has to go through your digestive system first.

Cannabis topical


One last method that you may want to consider is a topical agent. These usually a cream that you can spread on certain parts of your body.

The CBD is absorbed through your skin and into your body. You may need to speak with your doctor about the best locations to use the cream on in order to achieve the best results possible with your anxiety. You may also need to apply the topical cream a few times a day depending on your dosage.

CBD can be a great solution to treat problems like anxiety, insomnia, and arthritic pain. There are numerous different methods for receiving your dose. These three are among the most popular for anxiety.

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