Managing Arthritis with Cannabis

Arthritis is a medical issue that has been plaguing mankind for centuries. It is alarming to note that nearly 1 in 2 people may develop symptomatic knee arthritis by the age of 85. Patients suffering the disabling illness are always on the hunt for better and more effective treatments for managing arthritis. They have a […]

Microsoft Joined The Cannabis GAME

Microsoft joins the cannabis game

The world today is driven by the age of computer technology. The internet alone has propelled humanity to great heights by spreading new knowledge, ideas and innovation faster than ever, globally! It’s only natural that Microsoft, a techno giant and a leader of the internet revolution, has entered a new and rapidly growing, billion dollar […]

Driving Under the Influence of Marijuana

Driving with marijuana in your system

Driving is a daily task for most people and we rely on it heavily to get around. Unfortunately, some people abuse their right to drive and speed around under the influence of alcohol and narcotics which drastically impacts their ability to be safe drivers.  Marijuana is often classified the same as narcotics so you cannot […]

Medical Breakthrough: Marijuana Helps Treat Epilepsy and Seizures

marijuana helps treat Epilepsy

In the past decade, researchers, doctors, and scientist have found numerous health benefits especially with the breakthrough that Marijuana helps treat Epilepsy and Seizures. And with this information now out in the open people’s lives are changing! A plant that is still considered a schedule 1 narcotic drug, is now slowly coming out into the open […]