Weed vs Hashish: Which is Better for Recreational Use?

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To the uninitiated, weed and hashish may seem like the same thing, but there are key differences.

While hashish and weed both come from cannabis, hashish is resin from the cannabis plant that is separated through a chemical or mechanical process. Weed itself is the dried and unprocessed flower of cannabis.

Wondering whether weed or hashish is better for recreational use? Read on.

Weed vs Hashish

Cannabis Can Be Easier to Consume

When consuming cannabis recreationally, one can simply put the plant in a bong, pipe, or blunt and consume it this way. With hashish, users must consume this through a variety of methods that can be more complicated.

While hashish can be smoked through a rolled spliff just as cannabis can, it is commonly consumed through dabbing, glass teepees, and the hot knife method.

Cannabis enthusiasts that are determined to enjoy the plant may find weed faster and simpler to consume.

turn your kief into hash hash ball

Hashish is Harder to Come By

Due to the process required to obtain the hashish, it can be particularly complicated to find.

Alternatively, if you hope to make your own hashish, you’ll need to follow complex instructions and use specific equipment to follow through with the extraction process.

Weed is Less Expensive

Another key difference between weed and hashish is the price tag. When visiting recreational cannabis dispensaries, most find that weed is significantly cheaper than hashish.

While cannabis products range in price from city to city, hashish is generally much more expensive. Ultimately, high-quality hashish will cost around three times more than the cannabis buds it is derived from.

This is because marijuana buds typically result in a 35% yield compared to the bud and other starting material it is created from.

Cannabis joint

Hashish is More Potent

When comparing hashish and weed, hashish fans point out that hashish is more potent than weed.

Hashish is particularly strong as it is made from trichomes that contain most of cannabis’ cannabinoids. Cannabis enthusiasts that are looking for an intense high will find that hashish is as close to a pure THC concentration as possible.

Moreover, the potency of the hashish is determined by the potency of the flower. A plant that is 20% THC will make hashish that is significantly more potent than typical low-potency weed.

Both weed and hashish have their advantages. Based on the reason for your recreational use, you’ll find that while weed may be easier to consume, hashish really packs a punch.

Weed vs hashish. Which one do you prefer for your recreational use? Let us know in the comments below! 


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