Adding Cannabis to Your Workouts!

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“Our body resembles exactly to a machine that works on automated systems. It’s our endocannabinoid linked immunity that helps us keeping healthy naturally. Cannabis contains chemical compounds that match natural cannabinoids in properties & structure and has the potential to repair the damaged endocannabinoid mechanism that exists in our body. Cannabis also has the potential to repair the damage occurred to our body parts due to excessive workouts, but you should use it under the advice of an expert medical cannabis doctor.”

The man has been health conscious from the earliest times of civilizations. For a perfect health and fitness, exercise has always played a great role in our life.

Prior to the emergence of Gym & Health Clubs in the 1850s, we have been doing a wide variety of physical exercises ranging from a simple morning walk to weight lifting.

Then we have been doing another type of exercise which is entirely different in nature and purpose. This is Yoga, exclusively meant for mental health and staying stress-free.

Adding Cannabis to Your WorkoutsPhoto Credit: Richard Haick

Over the years, we have evolved a number of new techniques for staying fit. These include updating the Gym & Health-club with the contemporary equipment. On the diet side, we have added supplements containing proteins and minerals. The sole objective was, and that exists today also; that we should stay slim, fit and strong without adding any fat to our body mass.
When it’s about health and staying fit, we always want to add something new to our routine.

Is Cannabis Beneficial or Harmful to our Health?

The best way to get a right answer to this question would be to have a quick look at the cannabis properties and characteristics. We can sum it up as under;

1. It’s psychoactive and affects the brain most.
2. When consumed in a small quantity occasionally or without any addiction to it, either by smoking, vaporizing or orally, it’s harmless in comparison to alcohol or tobacco.
3. It has a wide range of medicinal properties and is in use as medical marijuana in a number of States.
4. It is best used for relieving stress and helps to keep focused.
5. It is helpful in treating injuries.
6. We feel the effects of marijuana 20-30 minutes after consuming it and they stay for about 3 hours.

How Does Cannabis Help Us Staying Healthy?

Normal functioning of our immune system is closely related to healthy endocannabinoid mechanisms in our body. Studies and researches revealed that different types of exercises activate and repair our endocannabinoid mechanisms.

Cannabis contains cannabinoids in the form of THC and CBD in abundance. Interestingly, properties and structures of cannabinoids in cannabis and that available in our body are more or less the same. As such, cannabis cannabinoids work in the same manner as cannabinoids of our body do. In simple words, cannabis is capable to do all that what our natural cannabinoids of the endocannabinoid mechanism do.

How Can We Benefit More by Adding Cannabis to Our Routine Exercise and Workout Sessions?

CBD and THC enriched Cannabis Strains can be helpful if taken under the advice of a Medical Cannabis Doctor. A general reason is, properties of cannabis differ from strain to strain and depend upon the high or low THC-CBD contents. It would be better if is used by co-relating the strain to our needs and our health conditions.

Adding Cannabis to Your Workouts and Exercise Sessions

Cannabis could be beneficial in pre and post workout sessions in the following way.

1. Muscle Spasms & Pain:
Muscle Spasm is very common with those who go to the gym. This issue arises when we over-tax our body with workouts beyond the capacity of the body to tolerate it. It is also usual with the first-timers. Working with the stressed and stretched muscles is never comfortable. Cannabis is well known for treatment of muscle spasms and pain related to it.

2. Focus Attention & Concentration:
CBD is a non-psychoactive compound. It works opposite to THC. Therapeutic effects of CBD are extremely helpful and far better than conventional medicines. People who have focus deficit or similar issues can use CBD enriched cannabis strains prior to going to the gym.

3. Your Figure, Waistline & Obesity:
Women always bother to maintain a perfect waistline and their figure. Excessive fats if any, are first visible at the waist. Even the researchers astonish as to why regular marijuana smokers do not have obesity issues.

Most of the girls who smoke or vaporize marijuana have a slim waist. They have a lower BMI as compared to non-marijuana smokers. This is not controversial that everybody has these 3 objectives for joining a Gym. Thyroid, Insulin, and Leptin directly associate with the belly fat. Cannabis has the property to control their growth. That keeps the waistline and the belly slim.

4. Losing Your Stress & Excessive Weight:

Losing Your Stress & Excessive Weight by Using Cannabis

Studies revealed that people who used marijuana on a regular basis had lower fasting insulin levels. Weight gain is directly associated with the stress. Most of us remain under stress for one reason or the other, but we do not notice it.

CBD available in the Marijuana is well-known for reducing “Cortisol”, a hormone that causes stress. As such, marijuana strains that are rich in CBD keep us stress-free and controls our weight gain. There is another important factor. Marijuana use keeps you pain-free. You have a better mobility, you work more and you walk more. All these factors help you lose your weight.

5. Workouts Related Inflammation & Pain:

Cannabis Reduces Inflammation
After regular workouts, some may inflammation occur in our body parts. CBD has been found to be highly effective in reducing inflammation and the pain related to inflammation. Now, CBD is available in the form of lotions, balms, ointments and massage oil.

Why Should You Use Cannabis Under Advice of a Medical Cannabis Doctor?

When you visit an expert marijuana specialist doctor, he would like to know your medical history. If he finds that you have certain health issues, he would co-relate the cannabis strain with your requirements and your health. He would ensure that the strain he is recommending would have no side effects. Therefore, you should prefer an expert medical cannabis doctor.

Have you tried adding cannabis to your workouts? Share your experience with us in the comments below. 

Margaret Haynes

Margaret Haynes

Margaret L Haynes is a freelance writer. She has been writing on Healthcare & Beauty for e-magazines and websites for the last over 7 years. She writes in-depth and always writing new is his passion. She formerly worked out of Medical Marijuana Clinic in Los Angeles.

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