Cannabis Coconut Oil: One of Nature’s Best Combination

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Coconut Oil has been a popular product for so long due to health and beauty benefits it offers.

Its uses range from cooking and baking to moisturizing and battling aging. For many, coconut oil is a handy product to use every day with all the goodness it brings – but have you ever thought that this useful edible can get even better if you add cannabis to it?

First, let’s talk about the healing benefits of coconut oil. One thing that comes to mind is how good it is for the skin. In fact, it is a popular ingredient in many mainstream beauty products, such as moisturizers and anti-aging with its antioxidant properties.

It’s also a popular hair care, as it keeps the hair moisturized and said to revert the damage caused by chemicals. Some people also use coconut oil to massage children’s hair regularly to help reduce or avoid lice infestation.

But coconut oil has more to offer beyond skin and hair care…

It’s Not Just for Your Looks, It’s for Your Health Too!

Coconut oil

Coconut oil is one product like cannabis, that has been branded wrongly for so long due to its high saturated fat content that is said to be unhealthy.

However multiple studies revealed that the saturated fat in coconut oil has no harmful effects. But in fact, brings amazing health benefits such as boosting the immune system, promotes heart health and provides an immediate energy source.

Unknown to many, coconut oil is quite good for digestion and reducing cholesterol. While it has a lot of saturated fats, it has a lot of lauric acids. Lauric Acid is said to be effective in reducing high cholesterol, as well as reducing the risk of high blood pressure.

While not traditional, coconut oil can also be used in cooking and baking. Research says that nations which have coconut oil integrated into their daily diets are actually much healthier than those who do not.

Other known benefits are weight loss as it helps speed up metabolism and said to reduce the risk of heart diseases.  

A Welcome Ingredient in the World of Marijuana

Gone are the days when one can only consume cannabis by smoking. There are tons of choices now like with edibles and topicals, and there’s one by-product for every type of person.

We’ve talked about how coconut oil is such an ideal ingredient, but with the addition of marijuana – coconut oil has made making edibles and using Cannabis based topicals so much easier with the binding properties of coconut oil.

With coconut oil and cannabis both wrongly thought of for so long, both work well in many edibles and topicals.

Given the fact that coconut oil is so accessible, it’s quite easy to create a batch of Cannabis-infused coconut oil at home.

So why is the combo of these two great things is quite the perfect match?

Cannabis + Coconut Oil = Full of Possibilities!

Cannabis-infused Coconut Oil

The health benefits of Cannabis and coconut oil go together quite well. Both have stress relieving, anti-aging, and relaxing properties.

And the reason why they both work so well is that coconut oil has a lot of saturated fats or fatty acids which make it easier for the cannabinoids to bind. With this type of oil, you’ll get a more concentrated amount of cannabis.

When it comes to the world of edibles, cannabutter is often the foundation, but you can also make your own marijuana goodies using coconut cannaoil!

Some would even say that using coconut cannaoil is healthier than using butter. There are many recipes out there that call for oil instead of butter, so you wouldn’t have to worry about scouring the internet for tasty recipes.

If you’re not using this for edibles, cannabis is a welcome addition for coconut oil-based topicals like lotions and salves for its relaxant and pain relief properties.

A medical marijuana patient can use this for their joint pain and for nausea treatment. They can even get massages using this as their massage oil. 

Did you know that it can also help your pets?

Cannabis Infused Coconut Oil for Your Pets

What’s more, coconut oil can also be infused with CBD to help with your pet’s ailments.

I mentioned earlier that coconut oil is great for digestive issues and reducing cholesterol. Digestive issues are really common among dogs and here can CBD really help out, it’s known for having amazing anti-inflammatory properties for fighting inflammation of the stomach and intestines.

It’s no wonder that CBD oil for dogs is becoming increasingly popular for pet owners.

Making Your Own DIY Coconut Cannaoil

If you’re living in a city where marijuana-based products are not accessible, you are free to make a batch of coconut cannaoil at home.

We’ll cover 2 different ways of making cannabis infused coconut oil at home. First we walk you through how to make it without any equipment, and we also share how to make cannaoil with the Magic Butter machine.

Making Cannaoil Without any Equipment

You can make your own infused oil in your kitchen using your oven, and a crock-pot and some cheesecloth. It takes a little more time and supervision, compared to using a specified machine like the Magical Butter, but you can easily get it done.

There are many easy-to-follow recipes online, and we’ve picked one that you can try. Here’s a simple instructional for coconut cannaoil from Whaxy.

But first, before you start infusing your marijuana, make sure to do the first and most important step – decarboxylation.

You won’t be able to make good Cannabutter or oil if you don’t do this step well, and you won’t be able to experience much of the psychoactive effects from marijuana. This is basically “extracting” the optimal amount of THC and CBD fit for infusion.

Always decarb your cannabis first!

Here’s the recipe:


  • ¼ oz (7 grams) of cannabis buds or 1 oz (28 grams) of trim
  • 2/3 Cup of Coconut Oil
  • 1 tsp of Soy Lecithin or Sunflower Lecithin
  • 1 Cheesecloth

Yield: This will produce approximately ½ cup of cannabis coconut oil, which is the amount needed for in many edible recipes.


  • Preheat oven to 220° Fahrenheit.
  • Line a cookie sheet with aluminum foil.
  • Grind up the cannabis buds or trim and spread evenly on cookie sheet lined with foil.
  • Bake in oven for one hour. This is known as decarboxylation and will convert the THCa in your cannabis to its psychoactive form, THC. If you desire a more sedative edible, leave in the oven for another 30+ minutes, which will begin converting the THC to CBN.
  • Place the cannabis, soy lecithin, and coconut oil in a crock-pot set on low. Stir, cover, and let sit for at least 3 hours. Note: coconut oil remains solid at room temperature – to turn it into a liquid for measuring, place the oil in the oven while the cannabis decarboxylates.
  • Let the oil cool in the crockpot with the lid on – this will take some time as most slow cookers are well insulated. Once warm (not hot) to the touch, strain the cannabis from the coconut oil using a folded cheesecloth.

Substitute your cannabis infused coconut oil in place of butter or oil in any recipe. Unused cannabis coconut oil can be covered in an airtight container and stored in a cool, dark place for up to 30 days. It can remain fresh longer if stored in the freezer.

Making Cannaoil With the Magic Butter Machine MB2

If you are planning on making cannabis-infused oils and butter regularly, it is probably worth considering investing in an appliance that makes this process easy and convenient for you.

Here we demonstrate the most popular such machine, the Magical Butter, that makes the entire process as simple as possible.

Magical Butter and Cannabis infused Oil
All you have to do is add your ingredients and press a few buttons on the machine and then drain your oil at the end and you are done.

Watch the below video where we demonstrate the entire process from start to finish.


Cannabis Coconut Oil is easy to make and definitely worth experimenting with. It is a healthy alternative to Cannabutter and can be used for edibles as well as for topical applications.

You can try it out in your kitchen just using your oven and a crock-pot, or you can make it even simpler and use a Magic Butter Machine.

Why not give it a go and make some this weekend?

Would you like to try using cannabis-infused coconut oil into your favorite recipes instead of the popular cannabutter?

Let us know in the comments section

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