The Legal Status of CBD Oil in Scandinavia

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CBD infiltrates every part of the world and generates a buzz. For its tremendous benefits, what was once thought to be illegal is being recognized in many markets.

Unless you live in a country where CBD is legalized, you’d have seen it flourish in the marketplace and go from being around to anywhere. But, most countries are unwilling to accept CBD and make it legal.

If you want to buy CBD and its properties, make sure that you understand what CBD is and whether it is legal in the country in which you live or not.

Each country, each region is governed by different laws. While the use of CBD oil in retail products in one country is legal and drugs are illegal, in another country it is the other way.

Before buying CBD based products, it is always suggested to understand what is legal and what is illegal.

In Northern Europe, Scandinavia is a beautiful region known for its history, culture and linguistic links. It covers Denmark, Norway and Sweden’s kingdoms.

The question to be answered is, is CBD oil legal in Denmark, Norway and Sweden’s Scandinavian kingdoms? Would the three kingdoms have their doors opened to CBD? Does CBD in these three regions have a future?

That is why we have discussed all of these questions in this article.

Is CBD oil legal in Scandinavia?

For several years, marijuana and cannabis related items have been in controversy and will remain in controversy. The only difference is that now, due to the potential benefits of cannabidiol or CBD, many countries governments have become more cautious towards the CBD industry.

CBD Oil in Scandinavia

Is CBD oil legal in Denmark?

Until July 2018, the Danish government regulated products containing CBD. Since then, however, CBD products containing 0.2% or less of THC are no longer a controlled drug.

Legal possession and sale of products containing 0.2% or less of THC is legal in Denmark but greater than 0.2% is not accepted. So long as they comply with the European Food Safety Authority, CBD oil in food supplements is legal in Denmark.

CBD oil health claims related to dietary supplements are also regulated by the European Food Safety Authority. But there is some uncertainty about its legitimacy when it comes to the online sale of CBD oil.

These products must either act on a Medicinal Cannabis Pilot Program or comply with the Danish Medicines Act rules in such cases.

The bottom line is that CBD oil-based products sold online in Denmark are illegal because they do not comply with the other rules that apply in the area. CBD oil with less than 0.2% THC is legal if it complies with the rules governing drugs, food supplements and meat in Denmark.

Is CBD oil legal in Norway?

The industrial hemp used in the production of CBD oil does not come from the same cannabis plant as cannabis used in the cultivation of marijuana.

CBD oil is widely accepted in Norway because of this disparity. In December 2017, the Norwegian Parliament decriminalized personal drug use, but the rules on drug regulation are quite inconsistent.

In regards to the use of CBD oil, the contradictory regulations in Norway made it quite confusing. It was later made clear that CBD is legal as long as there is a trace of 0 percent of THC. Although the rule is a little too rigid, because THC is the psychoactive agent compound, it makes sense to govern.

Norway is not part of the European Union, and in this country there are various limits on the use and selling of CBD. Only when prescribed by a doctor is it legal to use and possess CBD.

Norway decriminalized all drugs

Is CBD oil legal in Sweden?

Sweden is one of the most stringent drug laws in the European Union. As many companies made claims for drugs, CBD came under the Drugs Act, which meant that some laws had to be addressed.

CBD was in the grey zone in Sweden for a long time and was considered a medicine by the Medical Products Agency.

Regardless of the content of THC, the Supreme Court classifies CBD products as narcotics. CBD’s oral intake is considered as a medicine. It should not be marketed without a Medical Products Agency permit.

Also, if it contains traces of THC, it is considered opioids. Simply put, it is illegal to sell supplements or any products that contain THC.

Any product that contains CBD cannot display beauty and health benefits and such statements in the instructions for use.

In Sweden, the CBD substance is not prohibited, but marketing and sales are prohibited with statements of its benefits. CBD can be legally purchased online if the concentration of THC in it is 0.00%.

Can we grow cannabis on a legal basis in Scandinavia?

Specific laws regulate the legal growth of marijuana in the three Scandinavian kingdoms.

  • Growing hemp and marijuana is illegal in Norway. You are also not allowed to buy whole seeds of hemp and cannabis.
  • If you want to grow cannabis in Denmark, you must obtain permission from the national police through three separate public bodies.
  • Growing cannabis for personal use in Sweden is illegal. Since the laws are very restrictive, the government also does not accept the cannabis industrial growth.

growing cannabis

The present and future markets of CBD oil in Scandinavia

A four-year trial of medical cannabis is currently underway in Denmark as a result of the coalition government’s initiative.

Denmark is expected to do everything for the marijuana medical industry. The authority for medicinal drugs in Denmark, also declared licenses for the cannabis industry, which will be strictly regulated.

Aurora Cannabis, a Canadian medical marijuana grower, recently joined a joint venture called Aurora Nordic Cannabis with tomato grower Alfred Pedersen & Son.

The pharmaceutical company is set to manufacture marijuana and penetrate the CBD market more profoundly. This business is designed to meet the needs of other countries in Scandinavia.

In the grey zone, the CBD market is no longer in. Since most of CBD oil production is concentrated open Europe and North America, the CBD market’s future in Scandinavia’s three kingdoms looks strong.

This interconnected chain will ensure that CBD’s final product enters the rightful market and there is no infringement of the country’s regulations.

With the global market for CBD oil expected to rise to US$ 3860 million by 2025, the CBD demand in Scandinavia has ample growth opportunities.

If you have any comments about the legal status of CBD oil in Scandinavia share it with us in the comments below! 

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