What are the Medical Benefits and Health Risks of Marijuana?

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People have been using marijuana for treating various illnesses for the last 3000 years. The tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) content was very low in early plants. So, they were not growing this plant for getting high.

Now we are cross-pollinating different plants. There are plants specially grown for recreational purpose. Some plants are specially grown to reap the medical benefits of marijuana.

Even when the Food and Drug Administration has not recognized it as safe or effective for medical conditions, you can buy both medical and recreational marijuana in the majority of states. One of the components of marijuana was approved by the Food and Drug Administration in June last year. Cannabidiol can treat Epilepsy.

Is there any other health benefit of this wonder drug?

There are many.

How many of these health benefits are backed by some scientific study?

The Society for the Study of Addiction published some findings in its journal Addiction. According to their findings, the number of Americans using marijuana is increasing sharply.

People are consuming marijuana to serve both medical and recreational needs.

However, marijuana is still illegal in some states.

So, one question is likely to be raised by you – is it good or bad? Let’s see the medical benefits and health risks of marijuana.

Medical Benefits of Marijuana

Following are the medical benefits of marijuana recorded in some scientific studies.

Marijuana Strains for Depression

Depression, stress and social anxiety

After assessing the available scientific literature, a review was published in The Clinical Psychology Review. According to the review, you can use medical marijuana to get relief from depression, stress and social anxiety. However, you cannot rely on marijuana when it comes to curing psychosis, bipolar disorder and some other mental health conditions.

The findings of the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine are contradicting. They find that the regular use of marijuana can increase the risk of social anxiety.

Chronic pain

Chronic pain is one of the major causes of disability. More than 25 million American adults are affected by chronic pain. So, the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine investigated scientific literature (1000+ scientific studies) to see how using marijuana can treat chronic pain. Active ingredients found in marijuana are found to be helpful for patients looking for relief from chronic pain.

Alcoholism and drug addiction

One more review published in the Clinical Psychology Review reveals that marijuana does help if you want to break your opioid or alcohol dependencies. However, the National Academies of Sciences says that marijuana can lead to marijuana abuse. You can become dependent on marijuana.

Marijuana can serve the purpose of an effective drug in the case of alcoholism and drug addiction. However, more use of this drug can develop some problems. If you are using marijuana at a very young age, you are likely to develop a problem with marijuana use.

Alcoholic Homeless Holding Liquor Bottle

Multiple Sclerosis

Oral cannabinoids can help you if you are suffering from multiple sclerosis. Short-Term oral cannabinoids usage can improve the symptoms of spasticity. However, the relief it provides is modest.


There are some side-effects of Chemotherapy such as fatigue, easy bruising and bleeding, hair loss, nausea and vomiting, infection, anemia, diarrhea, appetite changes, constipation, fertility problems, weight changes and more.

Oral cannabinoids are found to be very effective against nausea and vomiting after chemo. Many studies show that smoking marijuana can also ease these side-effects of chemotherapy. Cannabinoids can kill some types of cancer or at least slow down the growth of these types of cancer.

Early studies show that despite being a safe treatment, cannabinoids are not that effective when it comes to controlling or curing this deadly disease.


Back in June 2018, the FDA approved CBD to treat Dravet syndrome and Lennox-Gastaut syndrome. These are two rare and severe types of epilepsy. Some other pharmaceutical medications are not powerful enough to control these two conditions.

However, Epidiolex, a CBD based drug can treat this condition effectively. CBD is a substance found in cannabis. This non-psychoactive component of cannabis is used in a purified form to treat these conditions. The FDA has done clinical trials to approve CBD as a treatment for these types of Epilepsy.

CBD can reduce the occurrences of seizures in kids with Dravet syndrome. Repetitive and prolonged Dravet syndrome seizures can be lethal as well. 20% of the kids with Dravet syndrome don’t even live up to the age of 20 years.

In a scientific study, 120 children suffering from Dravet syndrome with age between 2 and 18 were given oral CBD solution with their usual medications. Seizures in kids receiving oral CBD was reduced by 50%. Three of the kids receiving CBD solutions experienced no seizures. However, nine children experienced side-effects such as fever, fatigue and vomiting.

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Health Risks of Marijuana

There are some negative effects of marijuana found in studies. You might experience one of the problems mostly due to marijuana abuse.

Mental health problems

Using marijuana regularly can exacerbate the symptoms of bipolar disorder. However, a report by the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine shows that no negative effects have been noticed in people not suffering from this condition. However, marijuana abuse can increase the risk of depression.

Respiratory disease

Marijuana abuse can increase the risk of asthma and even worsen lung function. It is often said that regular and excessive marijuana smoking can contribute to lung cancer. However, no link has been found between marijuana smoking and lung cancer.

Testicular cancer

No scientific evidence has been recorded to support the claim that marijuana can cause testicular cancer. So, your balls are safe.

Is It Good or Bad for Health?

There are both health benefits and harmful effects of marijuana. The negative effects of marijuana are usually because of marijuana abuse.

Don’t forget speaking to your doctor before using marijuana in Orange County. When you want it for recreational purpose, buy marijuana in Orange County from an authorized medical dispensary.

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