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Ways to Hide the Smell of Cannabis

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As more countries worldwide continue to make cannabis legal, problems like hiding its smell are also becoming a concern.

Although a lot of people are now in favor of marijuana, there still remains some who view it in a bad light. Cannabis’ strong and potent smell might sometimes prove too much even to those who use it.

The smell of cannabis usually lingers in clothes, hand, skin, hair, and sometimes even in the fabric of your furniture.

The odor is normally easy to detect to those who come close enough. Smoking cannabis in your own place, therefore, will usually result in the build-up of cannabis smell within the place which some people might find repelling.

Ways to Hide the Smell of Cannabis Smoke

With the rise of innovative ways to use the plant also comes a number of new means of dealing with the smell of cannabis. Some might be a temporary fix while the rest could be a permanent solution. Here are some of the ways that could be best done to hide the smell of cannabis:

Homemade Smoke Filters

You need empty toilet paper rolls, a paper towel, and dryer sheets to do this. To start with, insert the dryer sheet into the roll of toilet paper. Next cover the end of the toilet paper roll with a paper towel. Use a rubber band to hold it in place. When smoking, blow the smoke into the unwrapped end to trap the smell of cannabis.

Air Sprays and Air Fresheners

Another popular way of cleaning the air of your home of cannabis smell is spraying it with air sprays and air fresheners. Any can of air freshener or air spray can immediately blanket and overpower the smell of cannabis smoke.

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Air fresheners can be a cheap and relatively less complicated option when you are done smoking. It can also come in handy when you decide to smoke a joint inside your vehicle.

The Window Method

Probably one of the most famous and obvious ways of moving the smell of cannabis. This method requires sharp observation and awareness of your surroundings. Start by making sure that your window is open just enough for you to blow the smoke out. You must also ensure that the wind is not blowing back towards your direction.

Another way to do this is by placing a fan in front of the window with its air direction directly pushing the air out of your room. Blow the smoke into the back of the fan and it will disperse out the smoke out of the room leaving the place free of the smell.

Cannabis Killer Candles

Just like any other candles, cannabis killer candles need only to be lighted up for it to take effect. These candles are made up of natural odor killing ingredients that cover up the smell of cannabis smoke and with enough time, completely deodorizes it.

One candle can last up to ninety hours, a very significant length of time considering that the average cannabis smoker spends only a couple minutes smoking a joint.

Ways to Hide the Smell of Cannabis Smoke

Odor Neutralizers

If you are looking for a more high-tech solution, you can try out odor neutralizer devices. Odor neutralizers replace the undesirable smell of cannabis smoke with scents that are more pleasant to the nose. They can also work 24/7 and can last up to six weeks. Replaceable filters are also sold in the market for the convenience of use.

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Vaporizers and Vape Pens

A ‘new’ practice known as vaporization or vaping is slowly taking over the market in the cannabis-consuming community. When vaping, cannabis is heated to a temperature just enough to release the active ingredients without burning the plant.

Portable Vaporizers

Usually done with a vape pen, it cuts out over 90 percent of the smell emitted by smoking a joint since the weed does not burn. It makes this one of the best choices to prevent the spread of the smell in the first place. Vape pens also provide a lot of discretion if you decide to smoke cannabis in a public area.

Hookah Pipes / Scented Flavors

Another way of hiding the smell is by infusing scented flavors in a hookah pipe. Simply cut up some cannabis into a flavor of your choice in a hookah and peacefully smoke it without worrying of drawing attention. This method is also suitable in social gatherings and can hide that what you’re hitting is cannabis.

With a lot of flavors, hookahs will not only hide the smell, it will also improve the taste of cannabis. Hookah pipes also come in relatively cheap price tags and in different shapes and sizes.


If you choose to hit a joint or two before mealtime, one way to remove the scent is by cooking the right set of ingredients. Meals that require potent and odorous ingredients like garlic and onions can mask the smell of cannabis in the kitchen. But it is important that you choose the ingredients with odors you like a curry, otherwise, you will be creating a nuisance for yourself.

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Have you used any of these ways to hide the smell of cannabis? Or do you have any other tips to deal with it? Let us know in the comments below! 

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